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About Shannon Lefevre, PA

shannon-contactI am a well-tenured and accomplished Naples Realtor!  That’s why some of my clients and other Realtor associates refer to me as “Smart Girl”.  This bold catchphrase came to fruition when I noticed people were using “Smart Girl” keywords to find my Naples, Florida real estate website.

Affording the privilege of using “Smart Girl” in my marketing demands continuous cross analyzation of data, buyer and seller behavior.  I can ensure you, I am the “Smart Girl” you’re expecting.

As most successful Naples Realtor associates, my defined market is described as Naples, Florida luxury neighborhoods featuring luxury golf and beachfront properties but I also work closely with an exclusive team of Naples Realtors who help me service every buyer interested in working with a Naples Realtor.  If you are in a market I don’t service, I will refer you to an exceptional Naples Realtor who will give you the superstar performance you deserve and expect. The Naples Realtor I refer to is the same Naples Realtor I would use myself.

I became a Realtor in 1996 and a Naples, Florida Realtor in 2002!  I know the Naples market and Naples, Florida Realtor group who service luxury listings around town along with other important factors to help you accomplish your real estate objective! My objective is to ensure your buying/selling experience is fun and easy.  There are countless ways I can make your real estate transaction hassle-free. Technology is one of the biggest factors that sets me apart from the majority of my Naples Realtor competition. That’s why buying/selling Naples real estate is quite simple when doing so near or far.

You can expect great service and fun too!  Whether buying or selling, by choosing me to be your Naples Realtor, we’re going to have a good time. When it’s time, I know how to get down to business to help you negotiate and close.

  • Grew up in Wichita, Kansas. My parents taught me how to be responsible, diligent, and honest.
  • My parents are rock stars…not musical rock stars but brilliant, amazing people. I’m lucky.
  • John R. Wood is an outstanding company. The owner and CFO are amazing and I’m honored to work there.
  • Became a Realtor in 1996 in a town located about 45 minutes SW of Fort Worth ~ Granbury, Texas.
  • Sold real estate there for 6 years and was one of the top 10 most productive Realtor associates when I left.
  • Stumbled upon Naples during a vacation in January 2002…it took me 37 minutes to decide to move here. Moved to Naples, Florida in July of 2002.
  • Graduated from WSU (Wichita State University) with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship. That’s why I hold a special place in my heart for those out conquering the world.
  • Love the ocean…love to sell Naples oceanfront properties.
  • I play golf and love it!
  • Interested in developing Naples beachfront someday…I have excellent ideas about how to go about it.
  • LOVE being a mom.
  • Possess an uncanny and accurate prediction of the Naples real estate market…ok it’s probably my experience at this point.
  • Have extended family in New York. Every time I hear that accent I automatically think they’re family.
  • All-time favorite recreational past time is SCUBA and snorkel. The Cayman Islands are one of my favorite places on earth.
  • Grew up in Wichita, Kansas.
  • Lived in California for a year.
  • Will go to Greece and Italy someday.
  • Will dive the Great Barrier Reef someday.
  • Never been to Chicago but everybody who knows me tells me I’ll love it.
  • Doesn’t love snow but loves to ski on it.
  • Broke my foot in 6 places when I was 13 but neither one of those episodes kept me down.
  • Loves shopping on 3rd Street and Waterside but also loves shopping on the East Coast of Florida.
  • My assortment of favorite Naples restaurants include Truluck’s..think gorgeous steaks, outstanding seafood, and amazing desserts. The pizza at Napoli On The Bay is the best in town. Da Ruma has the best sushi. Tommy Bahama’s has great food and a fun atmosphere. The best place to go on a Sunday afternoon for happy hour is Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. One of my favorite lunch places is The Turtle Club…get a reservation if you can. The worst restaurant is Seasons 52…I gave it 3 shots.
  • Not an Oenophile…but getting closer with the help of some knowledgeable friends…still prefers champagne.
  • I have a dog named Apple Pie…yep…not teasing. She’s a rescue, the Humane Society named her.

Ok, now it’s time to give your new Realtor a shout or shoot me an email! :).

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