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Hello Naples Friends,

The burning question everyone is posing: “What is the Naples real estate market going to do this season

This Post

  • Current inventory levels
  • Projected inventory levels
  • Comparison of May inventory report
  • What sellers can expect
  • What buyers can expect

Aqualane ShoresAqualane Shores

  • Current – 14 months
  • Projected – 15 months
  • May report – 20 months

Late season activity in Aqualane Shores has burned through a fair amount of inventory this summer and has spurred some off-season selling success. While inventories are moving in the right direction, it hasn’t shrunk enough to command sizable increases in price.

Aqualane Shores new construction is oversupplied right now with more than 2 years of inventory on the wake of 3 new homes hitting the market within the last 90 days. Many of them aren’t completed yet. There could be an opportunity for putting in some custom attributes if you’re thinking about going this direction but you’ll want to get on it. Many of these will be completed later this year which doesn’t give you a great deal of time.

Selling Your Aqualane Shores Home?

If you’re thinking about selling, know there will be others joining you this season. If inventories increase too much, you can expect buyers to wait until March for after season discounting. If you want to sell within a respectable amount of time, you’re going to want to hire an agent who has their pulse on the market and can offer a sound market target price. Whether you list now or wait isn’t going to make that much of a difference but if you can hit now, I would. Most agents don’t realize people begin their real estate shopping experience months, even years before they actually pull the trigger. Your home may be interesting or unique enough to get them to respond sooner than later. Call me for details about this. 15 months is still considered an over-supplied market which means you’re going to want to compete to sell.

Buying an Aqualane Shores Home?

The top of the market is pretty stiff meaning sellers haven’t been open to doing any price reductions. This can create such a stall in a market. You have time on your side but ultimately, you should be making your presence known in the form of an intelligent offer. Buyers who do this are usually in first place when the seller decides to be more accommodating. Sometimes the seller will show surprising accommodation at the table which can definitely be worth sticking your toe in.

The bottom of the market (tear down options) and even a few mid-market sellers are showing more accommodation. I suspect properties priced well will go while others will sit until the end of next season when sellers are faced with the uncertainty of holding for another year. Be on the lookout for new listings starting around October and be prepared for more buyers to hit the market at that time too. If you want automatic alerts opposed to manually searching, hit me up.

AudubonAudubon Naples, Florida

  • Current – 8 months
  • Projected – 13 months
  • Last report – 15 months

Audubon saw some really great selling success at the end of last season into the summer months but many people opted to take their properties off the market after season dropping inventory levels to an under-supplied state. This could be cause for unassuming sellers to feel falsely confident. As a result, some may run a risk of overpricing their properties when they either enter or re-enter the market in October. Be prepared to be diligent and compete.

Selling your Audubon Home?

Audubon is set up to have a sizeable influx of listings hitting the market between October and January. The best time to go on the market is now. Hope to sell before inventories peak and competition increases. There is plenty of recent comparisons to get a good read for the best price to market your home. Audubon is challenged with aging interiors which is driving prices down. Couple that with zero new construction available and that can create some stagnation if other locations are providing more new product to consider. Simple improvements can be made to get your home in top showing condition and help you benefit more at the closing table sooner than your competitors but time for doing those things is quickly running out. Call me for additional insight.

Buying an Audubon Home?

If you’re already thinking Audubon is the place you want to be but you’re not overly wowed by what is on the market now, know there should be a good amount of properties re-entering the market on top of those who are just now getting ready to sell. If you were looking last year don’t be surprised if you see properties re-enter the market. You will also see new listings as well but you’ll have good choices. Audubon is a great place to pick up a quality golf course home located on roomy lots but a large majority are likely going to require some remodeling. This is great news for those of you who enjoy those types of projects and for the current prices, you’ll come out ahead in the long run.

Bay ColonyBay Colony Condos

  • Current 7 months
  • Projected 12 months
  • No report in May

Bay Colony is experiencing an amazing after season and summer in large part due to after season negotiations and late season new listings sold. Shadow inventory here is big (just like nearly every year) but due to recent success, it probably won’t affect the Bay Colony real estate market heavily. There is currently no new construction available and the number of properties available that have gone under extensive renovations recently is alarmingly small as well. Bay Colony buyers have been very tolerant about taking on projects they otherwise wouldn’t have if there were already something available. That’s why a new record was set in Marquesa this year when a recently remodeled unit went on the market at the end of the season. It sold at lightning speed too.

Selling in Bay Colony?

There are summer buyers buying right now. You should be on the market NOW before you find yourself competing with an extra 5 more months of inventory. I’ve already seen a very small sampling of properties in Bay Colony entering the market which is very smart for the one agent who is paying attention. The worst thing you can do is list your property with a lazy agent or one not paying attention to current trends. There are lots of examples of this and if you don’t know what it looks like, call me.

Buying in Bay Colony?

Your choices are going to go up a lot starting as early as October but beware. There is also a good group of shadow buyers who could not accomplish what they came to do last year. Some of those have been successful this summer but you will not be alone come October. Softening in the market is no longer a mystery so you should see some pricing come down with properties that were artificially inflated last year. 2 beachfront condos went under contract this week. This tells me smart buyers are striking now.  Don’t be afraid to make your presence known. You can reap amazing rewards by doing so. I just negotiated a fantastic deal in Carlysle at Bay Colony but you have to tell me you’re out there if you want me to do the same for you.

If you’re willing to do a project here, you should be buying before December if at all possible. By capitalizing on the time available, you will be able to work with the very short list of respectable contractors who can deliver the quality you expect. Permitting delay is the culprit. Many buyers who are not willing to go through a remodel change direction when they find they aren’t going to be able to purchase something already done. This typically occurs later in the season. Because of permitting delays, inevitably the clock runs out to finish projects on time and will cause buyers to wait til next year.

Collier’s ReserveCollier's Reserve Sales

  • Current – 5 months
  • Projected – 7 months
  • May report – 12 months

Collier’s Reserve is another neighborhood that experienced a strong end of the market and aftermarket activity. This is another area that could be in position for false hopes of major price increases. Like Audubon, the neighborhood is challenged with lots of homes in need of remodeling. Last year we saw buyers react favorably to the new amenities and updated homes as well as appropriately priced homes needing updating. I expect this trend to continue throughout the next season.

Selling your Collier’s Reserve Home?

Well, you certainly can’t complain about high inventories anymore. Collier’s Reserve is enjoying a favorable response from the recent improvements to the neighborhood and you have set yourself up nicely if you took the opportunity to make timely updates to your home. If not, there is plenty of data to determine the true value of your property and avoid lengthy market times but selling homes of this age in its original state could pose a challenge if priced inappropriately. Heaven knows we’ve seen the evidence. If you want to know how to go about getting that contract, call me.

Buying a Collier’s Reserve Home?

Collier’s Reserve has seen enormous success during the past year now they are approaching the completion of several neighborhood amenities. Much like Audubon, many of the homes here will likely require remodeling for the typical Collier’s Reserve buyer’s taste. This could be a big win for you if you’re willing to put in the time and money to make something great. There’s been a recent sell-off of remodeled homes but there’s still a choice or two left. You’ll want to either contact me directly for immediate updates when newly remodeled homes hit the market or keep a sharp eye out for yourself as I know buyers looking for this type of product missed out last year. They’ll be back again this season so you’ll have some purchasing competition and you’ll want to be first to the table.

Grey OaksGrey Oaks Condos

  • Current – 7 months
  • Projected – 8 months
  • May report – 6 months

Grey Oaks is seeing a bit of a slowdown but has had massive success over the past few years. Fueling this success is due to past owners with realistic sales goals along with a huge list of amazing and new amenities that have been really well received. Alas, Grey Oaks is competing heavily with new construction in other locations and their new construction has all but stopped with only 2 homes on the active market. Both of those are not finished and one hasn’t even started yet. There are still some amazing options at now lower prices suggesting those owners are ready to entertain offers.

Selling in Grey Oaks?

Inventory is projected to creep up a little. That’s no problem for those who are listing with agents who can market properties like a boss! Call me if you want some ideas. The good news is you’re not directly competing with a huge drove of new listings in the neighborhood. The bad news is the neighborhood is not attracting those eyeballs anymore. Call me to see how we can get eyeballs on your property and how we can turn those eyeballs into dollar bills in your bank account.

Buying in Grey Oaks?

While there isn’t a huge group of new construction properties on the market here, there’s still that amazing and lengthy list of new neighborhood amenities and more selection to choose from this year. Yes, it may require a little work but many of these homes aren’t functionally obsolescent like other Naples luxury golf course locations. I have the group of vendors you need to make something fabulous and can talk to you intelligently about pricing. Homes in this location are different from others and lot sizes here are premium compared to many other luxury golf locations around town. Call me for additional details.


  • Current – 10 months
  • Projected – 12 months
  • May report – 14 months

Mediterra has seen amazing influxes both up and down during the last decade. There’s still some good new construction activity drawing eyeballs to this location. Mediterra isn’t a stranger to passing interior design fads and many owners have transitioned away from heavy, dark design that once graced and then plagued the community. Mediterra’s challenges are two-fold. Due to location, there will always be those who want to gravitate closer to the beach. Thankfully, Mediterra combats this issue with a beach club unlike some of her competition. Secondly, Mediterra directly competes with locations offering more new construction options and newer/more amenities. Regardless, the golf club just transformed into a lighter design and will bring new interest to the neighborhood making it easier to compete.

Selling in Mediterra?

There will be a buzz with the recent improvements this year as shown by the recent burn off of inventory but this is no time to get too boisterous with your offering price. How Mediterra properties are being marketed is shifting and if you don’t know how it’s shifting, you need to call me for details. Those who aren’t doing what’s necessary will not compete well with those who are.

Buying in Mediterra?

People love the golf course amenities here and buyers are apt to be inspired by the recent renovations at the clubhouse which could offer some new interest in the neighborhood. Regardless, you should see some healthy accommodation but don’t be too surprised if some sellers seem a little out of line. That will likely be due to the confidence of the new improvements and recent success. It’s easy to see the true value here if you’re paying attention and if you don’t have time for that, call me. I can guide you to a great property at a great price.

MooringsMoorings Homes

  • Current – 5
  • Projected – 7
  • May report – 5

Ah…expect a creep up of inventory in Moorings but even with that said, inventories are still low. Affordability with condos is a primary buzz with the bigger newer condo product not performing nearly as well as the older smaller units are. New homes are a plenty with 3 years of inventory currently available but we’re seeing an uncustomary amount of traffic right now which could cause reasons to rejoice for sellers. Unsuspecting buyers might be unpleasantly surprised.

Selling in Moorings?

Like many other beachfront locations, Moorings is performing well and if you have a condo in original condition or on the smaller side, you should do really well. If you have a condo on the larger side, I’m not seeing a lot of agents using cutting-edge technology to help you sell your place. If you want to know your options, call me. You’ll want your home or condo enjoying the full set of marketing tools to help you get your price this season.

Buying in Moorings?

While new construction in Moorings may be ample, new construction in other locations is shrinking fast and could cause a real problem for people attracted to that new house smell. 2 new homes went under contract within the last week or so which tells me smart buyers are in town striking deals. No buyer likes surprises in real estate when it comes to price increases or nothing to buy. You have 2 weeks for the best purchasing opportunity. Once September rolls around you can expect a tightening with negotiations and more product to hit but it won’t be enough to drop prices substantially if at all. The best time to buy is now til about mid-August. If you’re a buyer looking for a specific type of home or condo, reach out to me now. The faster you can identify the ideal property, the faster you can determine how to formulate your strategy. If you’re a value shopper, you can get up to the minute updates on motivated sellers by telling me your target.

Naples Cay

  • Current – 6 months
  • Projected – 10 months
  • May report – 15 months

Naples Cay is another beachside location with summer selling activity. Naples Cay inventory dropped into an undersupplied situation tilting the muscle over to sellers once again. There’s only one condo right now with incredible improvements too which could cause problems for buyers if they don’t want to face a major renovation.

If you are willing to do a renovation, you do not want to wait until March to close your deal. You need to close as early as possible, identify your contracting group and get those permits submitted so you don’t run the risk of missing your construction timeline and be forced to endure a 2-year construction zone.

Selling in Naples Cay?

If you are thinking about selling, you’ll be in a better position than your neighbors were a year ago. You have some real opportunities here and if you don’t know what they are, call me. Not everybody is capitalizing on your recent position of strength. We need updated inventory here so if you have a unit that has recently been remodeled, you should be getting a really nice price for your place. Call me for an accurate price determination.

Buying in Naples Cay?

If you want to buy something beautiful NOW is your time to pick the last fully and very recently remodeled unit or risk adding yourself to the list of others seeking the same. If you’re interested in a project you have a little more time say til mid-August when you can expect sellers to tighten. Do not wait until the end of next season unless you want to wait a year to start remodeling. Contact me for details.

Old NaplesOld Naples Homes $5,000,000 +

  • Current – 10 months
  • Projected – 12 months
  • May report – 12 months

Old Naples is experiencing the same glut of new construction with nearly 2 years of inventory in single-family homes and 19 new low-rise condominium units on the market with 6 currently pending. This is great news for buyers as you can expect plenty of gorgeous properties to choose from. Early reports suggest it’s going to be a colder winter for our friends up North this year. If that rings true, we will see more buying traffic.

Selling in Old Naples?

This is going to be a market to watch this season with stable levels of inventory expected at this time. This isn’t the year to be boisterous with undocumented offering prices so if you’re planning on hitting the market this season, you’re going to want an agent who doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel. Many agents take somewhat of a snooze once a property is photographed and it hits MLS. This is a year to remain diligent. Monitoring traffic, repositioning for eyeballs and putting in the extra elbow grease to ensure saleability is going to be the way to get that contract you’re going to want to sign.

Buying in Old Naples?

Some years colder weather hits early. Buyers come down early and then by January, there isn’t anything good left. Don’t let this happen to you if you’re looking for something fabulous or priced really well, those are typically the properties that sell first. If you’ve been clicking around and see a lot of product you like, you’ll have a little more time and might even be able to capitalize on after season discounts which come during different months of the beginning of the year depending on activity. If you are a little harder to please when it comes to preference, it might be more important to strike than wait until the end of the season. If what you want isn’t out there, call me. I’ll find it for you.

Park ShoreLuxury condos in Naples, FL

  • Current – 6 months
  • Projected – 8 months
  • May report – 9 months

Park Shore real estate inventory is currently undersupplied and isn’t expected to hit stable levels at least through October. This is going to pose a problem for buyers who are set on a certain product type that may not become available when they’re ready to pull the trigger. This could likely cause fast and competitive sales when the properly priced product that looks great hits the market. There are several buildings where inventory is light to non-existent. This causes groups of people to “hover” over those buildings. Diligent buyers will keep a close eye and will buy somewhat quickly if they see something good hit which causes a little ripple of disappointment for those who missed.

Selling in Park Shore?

If you are in a high-rise with little to no inventory or there are units that are not priced correctly and you are prepared to price yours right, you should be on the market now. There are people buying right now and choices are going to go up starting in October. If you have a unit that has not undergone any sort of a remodel, do not wait until mid-season or the end of the season to list. Buyers typically want to undergo renovations the first chance they can and will not purchase your property if they feel like the time restriction to finish work is too risky.

Buying in Park Shore?

Smart buyers who have specific needs where inventory doesn’t exist step out of the shadows and sign up for automatic property updates to increase their chances of getting what they want in markets like this. Buyers who aren’t as diligent usually miss opportunities that hit the market for this reason. If you have specific needs, let me know what they are so I can keep a 24/7 eye on the market for you.

If you see several properties you like, you’re in a better position but don’t get too confident as this market can move very fast in both directions. This could mean a big win for you during after season discounts or big disappointment if you fail to see the fast feeding frenzy of sales that can also happen. I have seen buyers react swiftly and accomplish their real estate objectives and I’ve seen buyers wait and miss. Depending on the building or the product, they can wait years for something else to resurface. It’s painful to be that position.

If you are going to attempt a remodel, do not wait til the end of next season to purchase. Permitting is backed up and you will not have the greatest choices of contractors who will by then be already booked for summer construction. You will also run a grave risk in not completing your project by the following Winter. If you want the best shot at getting it done, close as soon as possible so contractors are selected and permitting is complete at the beginning of the summer construction period.

Pelican BayPinecrest Pelican Bay

  • Current – 5 months
  • Projected – 5 months
  • May report – 6 months

Pelican Bay is experiencing a gross undersupply of inventory right now with few sellers and selling agents responding accordingly. The good news is we are already starting to see new listings hit the market that would’ve not hit until October during a normal year. I expect many buyers to come back in October and feel a little shaken at how little is available. I also expect there to be some disappointment when finding properties they had hoped would now be available at lower prices sold. New listings in many locations will be going on at higher prices for this reason.

Selling in Pelican Bay

Do you know what’s going on in your neighborhood? If you don’t call me. Many areas are poised in an excellent position and it might be time to put your place on the market right now! This is already occurring in buildings like Carlysle at Bay Colony and Claridge at Pelican Bay. Buying traffic is steady this summer. Capitalize on the strength of the market by getting all the facts and being in prime position.

If your condo is in original condition do not wait to go on the market. Owners every year delay listing and endure lengthy market times because buyers fear not being able to finish projects.

If your home is in original condition you have more time. New home construction hit new heights this year in Pelican Bay which has pushed properties like this up in price. Now is the time to list.

Buying in Pelican Bay

Are you looking but not finding what you want? I know of a few that will hit the market very soon and others that will hit the market during the early part of pre-season. Call me to find out where those are. This is not going to be the season where time is on your side. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a tougher season for buyers this year due to low inventories. You can expect higher pricing in some areas for this reason. Some years colder weather hits early. Buyers come down early and then by January, there isn’t anything good left. Call me to set up a strategic plan for success.

Pelican MarshNaples, FL houses for sale

  • Current – 7 months
  • Projected – 10 months
  • May report – 10 months

Pelican Marsh is also experiencing low inventories and while it’s expected to rise, it will likely still be undersupplied at the beginning of the season. While the situation in Pelican Marsh won’t be as volatile as Pelican Bay, this is going to cause for some interesting negotiations slanted more towards the seller this year.

Selling in Pelican Marsh

Is your selling plan in place? It should be. Call me today to get an accurate view of what you can expect to happen in your Pelican Marsh neighborhood this year. Some areas are seeing amazing success and some aren’t. Be cautious of blanket statements about the community as a whole as it can lead to disappointing expectations.

Buying in Pelican Marsh

While there will be some buying opportunities this year, you are going to want to either remain cognitive or have your buyer’s agent on point for your objective. Because some areas within Pelican Marsh are performing very well and others aren’t your price point and neighborhood preference is going to command your timing. For some of you, now is the time to buy. For others, you’re going to do better at the end of next season due to discounting. If you don’t know where you fall, call me.

Pine RidgePine Ridge

  • Current – 14 months
  • Projected – 14 months
  • May report – 12 months

Pine Ridge is creeping up in inventory and new construction is sitting on two years but that hasn’t stopped one builder from increasing prices. Even with 2 years (sounds like a lot) There are only 3 homes ready to go. There is also some remodeled product available as well which is bringing a nice freshness to the neighborhood. New construction and remodeled properties almost always spur more buying traffic. I’m also seeing a bit of a stall on the lower end suggesting builders and developers aren’t as hot on Pine Ridge as they have been. Buying traffic with the competitive product in other locations is on the rise again which means Pine Ridge could experience this again this season or fall flat.

Selling in Pine Ridge?

If you are thinking about entering the market this season, your plans should be taking shape now. If you want the most money for your property, call me to set up a precise plan of attack. Current inventory levels make Pine Ridge an interesting market because it can go either way this season. Which side do you want to be on? Closing within a reasonable market time or sitting with 1,485 days of market time like your neighbors on Ridge Rd.?

Buying in Pine Ridge?

Now is a good time to pick up a home site if you’re thinking about building a custom home! During the peak of the selling trend, these properties run North of $1,000,000. Today you can buy as low $589,000. If you’re into new construction, there aren’t many and you should do that now if the numbers make sense. If you’re buying anything else, call me. There may be time to see if you can get a price reduction out of them but it might be wiser to make your presence known.

Port RoyalPort Royal Naples, Florida

  • Current – 14 months
  • Projected – 18 months
  • May report – 18 months

Port Royal has managed to eat through a few months of inventory compared to last year although inventory is still oversupplied. 2 homes have gone under contract this summer and Port Royal broke the record for highest priced sale with the sale of a beachfront home closing at $48,800,000. Rumors around town are saying that’s spurring more beachfront buying traffic into Lee County which isn’t a surprise. The surprise is the number of new homes sold this year leaving new construction at only 10 months of inventory in this segment of the market. That could pose a problem for buyers who like lots of options and more flexibility with negotiations.

Selling in Port Royal?

Eyeballs and responsiveness is the name of the game this year. You’re going to want to be in front of your competition with a compelling story and agent who knows how to excite a buyer to the closing table. This isn’t the year to market the same old tired way and carry an air of aloofness at an open house. You need engaging media and somebody who can navigate those eyeballs to a contract. Call me.

Buying in Port Royal?

Buying traffic for new homes has been really good this year and while some of these have high market times, you should make your presence known if you see something you like. There is also some amazing beachfront properties for sale. With the recent sale, you can expect some other buyers to step up to the table for properties like these especially when they learn more about the last one. If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, you should call me.

Quail WestQuail West Homes $4,000,000-$5,000,000

  • Current – 12 months
  • Projected – 15 months
  • May report – 15 months

Quail West just completed the final phase of a 20 million dollar renovation/addition of their club amenities which is likely going to wow future residents. Let’s hope the community updates their website to reflect the hard work and dedication everybody endured through the process because Quail West’s online presentation fails their in-person aesthetic achievements. This is good news for buyers in the know because buyers who don’t probably won’t be compelled to take further steps to learn more about the community.

Quail West new construction is selling about even with pre-existing homes here right now in terms of inventory levels. Discounting of new construction isn’t something we normally see across Collier County as builders tend to hide discounting with furniture or add-ons but we’re seeing it here to the tune of 12% in a couple of cases. Don’t be surprised if there’s a new found interest in Quail West and a bit of a sales explosion now that the construction on the amenities is complete.

Selling in Quail West

With inventory levels rising despite the completion of those fabulous new amenities, you’re still going to want to keep your feet on the ground when it comes to pricing your property. If you have something newer to sell or ready to sell a place you’ve cherished for decades, there is plenty of comparable data to prove value. Call me today to see what your home is worth without running the risk of listing at unrealistic pricing.

Buying in Quail West

There are some monster properties available in Quail West. I mean some of the original icons where so much money was spent on detail, material and design. If you’re looking for something truly special, it’s worth taking a peek here. If you’re a fan of newer construction, there’s some availability here as well. You’re going to love the amenity package which rivals many competing neighborhoods. I took a peek last weekend and the new indoor/outdoor bar and outside seating arrangement are outstanding. The fitness center is exceptional and the pro shop is really great too. It’s worth your time to see it. Call me.

Royal HarborRoyal Harbor Naples, Florida

  • Current – 4 months
  • Projected – 8 months
  • May report – 6 months

Whoa! Royal Harbor has some dangerously low inventory right now. This is going to push prices up. Considering inventory is expected to double between now and season, if I were a seller, I’d go on the market now and see if I couldn’t get that contract before everybody else wakes up.

Selling in Royal Harbor?

There are only 11 properties on the market right now. If I were thinking about selling in Royal Harbor, I would put it on now instead of waiting til season and even if you’re not quite ready, this is the year I would sell. Royal Harbor has had enormous success this year and with inventory levels as low as they are, I’m pretty sure that will carry through next season. What you don’t want to do is rely on an agent with tired marketing tactics. Garbage MLS photos can be a kiss of death. Hire a marketing master!

Buying in Royal Harbor?

You can expect to see some more property hit the market this season so if you can’t accomplish your objective now, you’ll have to wait. Expect to have buyer competition especially with the new home or fantastically remodeled properties. Even tear downs located on exceptional lots are in short supply so those will likely go fast as well even with higher pricing. Call me today to get on an automated update to improve your chances of buying success.

Talis ParkTalis Park Homes $2,500,000+

  • Current 11 months
  • Projected 12 months
  • May report 15 months

Talis Park has performed well over the past couple of years but tends to slow down a little like many areas in this location. Buyers reaped great rewards for waiting till the end of the season last year but that’s because inventories were much higher than they’re expected to be this year. This will be an area to watch because it could go both ways. You can expect the new product to hit the market soon but you’ll have to wait for completion. Keep your eyes peeled.

Selling in Talis Park?

Talis Park is currently at healthy levels of inventory after a year or so with a pretty large oversupply. Buyers have some good options right now so you will greatly benefit from pricing your property correctly and having the best marketing program in place. I’m seeing a lot of average marketing here. That’s fine if you’re selling an average property but if you have something extraordinary, your property should be marketed in the same fashion. If you want a really great shot at selling at a really great price, then garbage marketing is not the way to go about it. Call me.

Buying in Talis Park?

Other buyers are really liking the amenities here and the vibrancy. If you are looking for a neighborhood with lots of choices, Talis Park may be something you should consider. There’s plenty of new construction to choose from which is playing a big role in the neighborhood’s success but new construction is slowing down a bit so you’ll want to get on that now opposed to later. Talis Park had big inventories approaching the beginning of last season. You won’t have that same edge this year. If buying traffic continues to be strong, you could find yourself without the same negotiating points as your neighbors who purchased last year. If you can strike a deal before mid-August, it may be worth it. If you can’t, it might be worth waiting till the end of the season next year.

TiburonTiburon Naples, Florida

  • Current – 8 months
  • Projected – 13 months
  • May report – 12 months

Inventory in Tiburon is expected to creep up this season although there is a good amount of property under contract right now. Owners are already reacting to the change through documented price reductions which means if you looked last year, you’re bound to find some more interesting values in Tiburon this season. New listings this summer have also hit the market but I see lots of vacant and outdated properties proving owners would rather cut their price than make updates and stage their properties for maximum value.

Selling in Tiburon?

If you have remodeled your home and have it nicely furnished or staged you stand a better chance of getting a good deal on your property. Many current owners have opted not to go that route and are dropping prices due to lack of interest. If your property is vacant, you should hire a stager. I have statistics that show you will be considerably more successful in selling faster for more money. This isn’t the year to hire an agent who won’t capitalize on online marketing. Take a peek at what is currently on the market and how it is being presented. If you don’t like what you see, then maybe you should hire an agent who can deliver. Call me.

Buying in Tiburon?

Areas like Escada at Tiburon are completely out of inventory but there’s still plenty on the lower end of the market and some newer product too. If you want something amazing, you might have to consider Estates at Bay Colony as an option. Marsala doesn’t have anything either so you may consider Collier’s Reserve as another single family home option. Expect to do either some remodeling or act fast if remodeled properties hit the market here.  You may also need to bring your imagination with you as some of these homes are showing vacant which can be more challenging than shopping for nicely furnished or staged properties. You can pick up a one bedroom furnished, turnkey golf condo for less than $300,000 in Ventanas at Tiburon right now. If you’re a golf nut who doesn’t want to break the bank, these are good options.

Vanderbilt Beach

  • Current – 8 months
  • Projected – 11 months
  • May report – 10 months

Buyers have responded favorably to recently remodeled homes and condos in Vanderbilt Beach and even Moraya Bay, the most expensive Vanderbilt Beach high-rise has seen great success with 3 sales over the past year.

The buzz of One Naples has quickly gone by the wayside. Developer, Stock Construction tucked tail and is back to the drawing board for plans on how to slice up the south end of their Vanderbilt Beach property they acquired a year or so ago after complaints about density became more than county officials could bare.

Conners has been under siege with heavy road construction which is coming to a very welcome end and investors are seizing the opportunity to buy tear downs right now. Expect some new homes within the next year or two as there are few available at this time.

Selling in Vanderbilt Beach?

Now is the time to list your home if it is in original condition. If you feel like your property is going to place somewhere in the middle of the market it might be wiser to wait for the completion of the road and drainage work but now is the time to set up your successful selling strategy. You want to reap the rewards of a well-positioned marketing approach. Call me today to get started.

Buying in Vanderbilt Beach?

If you’re planning on buying in the Vanderbilt Beach area, you could run into trouble on the high-end with really low inventories. New construction on the condo side is non-existent and only 2 listings in Moraya Bay are on the market. There’s plenty to choose from on the low side though so if it has always been your dream to have an affordable Naples beach condo, it’s worth your time to check out what is available.

On the home side, there isn’t anything located directly on the beach at this time but there are a couple of newer construction homes worth taking into consideration. If you’re into modern design, there is a badass with a badass view currently available.

The bottom end of the market is really light so if you’re looking for a teardown project, the time to do that is right now. There are some fabulous remodeled homes worth looking at if you are in the market for affordable boating properties.

Other Naples Real Estate InsightsConners Vanderbilt Beach

  • I am seeing lots of new or remodeled stuff quietly slipping under contract all over Naples this summer. Nobody is talking about it which makes me question if anybody even knows it’s going on. This could make for a seasonal inventory that doesn’t look as bright and shiny as years past when we had plenty of that to offer. If you want new or remodeled, call me today so when choices are few and far between, you get first shot at what hits the market.
  • I hit open houses in Vanderbilt Beach and  Port Royal last Sunday. Low offers are being presented and not going anywhere suggesting some sellers are confident they’ll get closer to list.
  • With a little bit of a lull in 2016, some builders and investors took a back seat and did not strike on lots worthy of spec building. They have either re-entered the market or are doing so right now which is going to put a little pause on new construction in some locations. Because of this, some builders have agreed to sell custom construction to individuals that would’ve been speculative product available to the general public which will decrease new construction inventories in the next couple of years.

This concludes my 2018-2019 Naples real estate forecast. Stay tuned as we travel through the summer for more updates as we approach the season. If you haven’t reached out to me yet, please do so. I want you to have the best opportunity to buy and sell your Naples real estate.

Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA