5 Naples Real Estate Things You Need To Know 10/10/18

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The Naples real estate market is on full speed ahead. Here are the 5 Naples real estate things you need to know on 10/10/18!

1. Estates at Bay Colony Golf Club Estates at Bay Colony

Sure it may need be remodeled but absolutely nobody can intelligently refute the value and this could go down as the best catch of the year. Properties in Estates at Bay Colony have been criticized over the past 3 years for being outdated, poorly maintained and overpriced. Earlier this year, we saw one owner cut their old list price in half. It lasted 11 days before somebody inked the deal. I doubt this one will last that long. Call me today to get on it!

2.  Gulf Towers The Moorings Moorings Condos

Price reduction of the week! Taking 17% off the top is a great way to start an extended stay beach vacay! The magnitude of big spread price reductions has slowed way down this year. The owners here want you to know they want to be on your radar but you’re going to have to reach out to me directly for the 411. It’s worth a checkout out!

3.  Port Royal Port Royal Bayfront

 Re-entry into the market with a $455,000 haircut. Recently remodeled, 100ft of waterfront, west facing. This is worth a checkout! It’s $2,500,000 off the original list!

4. Brighton at Bay Colony Brighton at Bay Colony

 A high ’04 unit has just been listed. This stack is considered to have the best views in all of Bay Colony due to its westernmost position on the sand in Bay Colony. Couple that with glass railings and you’ll feel like “one” with the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not a bargain price but views with this type of impact are seldom a bargain.

5. Pre-Season is happeningNaples Florida real estate

Some years we have a successful pre-season, some years we don’t. Depending on the weather, economy, politics, people’s mood, Naples real estate blows up or it blows over. Page views are up 48% compared to last year. Pending sales are up 43% compared to last year. In fact, we haven’t been as busy since 2015. That means you’re going to want to keep your eyes out for deals and strike when you see them or you’re going to lose them.
Call me today to set your appointments and if you can’t get down, call for a FaceTime tour so you don’t miss out.
Best Regards,
Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!