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Hello Aqualane Shores Friends,

It’s time to catch up with Aqualane Shores market trends so grab something cold to drink and meet me on the hammock. This is good insight!

In this issue:

  • Current Aqualane Shores market trends.
  • A comparison from my last Aqualane Shores update.
  • New construction update.
  • Decorating Ideas – What’s Hot, What’s Not.
  • Tips on how to sell your Aqualane Shores home.
  • Tips on how to buy a fabulous Aqualane Shores property.

Current Aqualane Shores Market Trends

  • Active: 24
  • Pending: 6
  • Closed: 18
  • Average days on market: 139 days. Up 10% compared to past closed sales.
  • Avg. active list price: $5,800,491 – $1,247 per foot
  • Avg. list price for pending sales: $5,491,667 and $1,163 per foot
  • Avg. list price for closed sales: $4,321,833 and $1,003 per foot
  • Avg. closed price: $4,079,167
  • Median list price: $5,395,000
  • Median list price on closed sales: $4,999,000
  • Lowest/highest list price currently active : $2,459,000 – $9,975,000
  • Lowest/highest list price pending contract: $3,495,000 – $7,895,000
  • Lowest/highest list price closed: $2,999,999 – $7,900,000
  • Lowest/highest closed sales price: $2,200,000 – $7,650,000
  • Avg. list price to sales price ratio: 94%

* Closed during the past year unless otherwise indicated.

Aqualane Shores Update Comparison


While the availability of the homes in Aqualane Shores is lower (by 2) compared to my last report, inventories are at 16 months. That’s high…8 months higher than last year. The best case scenario is everything pending closes before October and Aqualane Shores doesn’t see a ton of inventory hit the market at the same time.

Considering there are 5 homes that went off the market sometime during the past 3 months suggests they’ll most likely be resurfacing sometime next season pushing inventories even higher.  This is great news for Buyers.

Market Time

Are you familiar with the games we play in Naples in regards to market time? I am. The short story in Aqualane Shores is market time is on the rise but 40% lower than this time last year. Market time should be on the rise. It’s July! Most of you aren’t really down here throwing offers around.

Our market time is really different compared to primary home markets. If you’re trying to navigate the difference between problem properties and true value, call me. I can quickly analyze what is going on with properties you like and tell you the real deal.

What’s the market time take away?  Only a tiny fraction of Aqualane Shores homes have sold super fast but if you see something really unique and amazing, don’t hesitate. The same thing goes for properties hitting the market at really good values and properties you’re watching that drop substantially in price.

Maybe you’re not in a position where you can just fly down really fast to determine if a property is a right fit for you. I can make it so easy for you to decide yay or nay from afar. If the thought of purchasing site unseen totally freaks you out but you’re afraid of making a colossal mistake, call me. I might be able to take away the uncertainty in a really comfortable way and you could snag an amazing property at a really good value right now. Let’s face it, come September, summer discounting is over. This will cost you if you wait.

Aqualane Shores Discounts

Who doesn’t love a good deal? People who can’t take advantage of them I suppose. Here’s something interesting, there were only 3 transactions where the property traded below 90% of list price. Two of those happened in January while the 3rd happened in March. Before January of last year, nobody really knew how the market was going to shake out. Sure, we had already seen some uncertainty and that’s what fueled that beginning of the season bargaining.

Values seem to be more in line as Aqualane Shores is still seeing productive traffic this summer with 2 homes going under contract in June. For that, the average discount rate stands the same as it did last year at 94%. A sign of an amicable market. That doesn’t mean you can’t try but it’s pretty clear owners aren’t heavied by concern as they were last January.

Other Aqualane Shores Statistical Comparisons
  • Average list price is up 14% compared to last year.
  • Average sold price is down 8%
  • Closed volume is down 38%
  • Average list price for closed sales is down 13% compared to last year.
Aqualane Shore New Construction


There are 6 brand new homes on the market in Aqualane Shores right now. 3 are currently pending but those weren’t listed as high as the ones still active.

The short story on Aqualane Shores new construction is owners can easily identify the number it takes to get the contract. Buyers naturally stall if they think they’re being taken advantage of in this market. They have an enormous amount of patience and will more likely wait for a drop than come with a low offer.

Here’s the deal, if you like one of these and you make your presence known, often you’ll get the first notification if the Seller decides to be more flexible which means you’ll have the best shot at the home at a better price than those who are just anonymously hovering over a website clicking update. I’ve had some really savvy buyers get some great deals over the course of the last couple of years for implementing this strategy.

New Construction and Decor Insights

I love that we are seeing more glass used throughout the home whether it be inside or outside on railings or wine coolers they make an amazing impact and we are long overdue. Yes, it’s heavy and expensive but people really love it and impact is brilliant especially when you have an amazing view and you want to capitalize on it.

Aqualane Shores decorating trends

When my favorite designer said we were going back to bronze and gold tones I thought no! But it did. She always hits me with the most peculiar points when I ask her what’s coming. She said pickled wood was coming back. It is. 

Design trends in Aqualane Shores

After too many years of heavy re-play, we’re saying farewell 50 shades of grey. It was ridiculously hard to photograph well anyway.

Grey was replaced with brown…why? I saw a small handful of brown man caves hit the market over the course of the last 2 years but it looks like that wasn’t well received either hence why I’m not seeing it anymore. Every time I showed it people were like what’s the deal? Does this guy hate his wife or what? Hahahaha!

Aqualane Shores Design Trends

We are moving to more color and while some people will go all the way overboard, there are ways you can make an updated pleasing aesthetic punch without cutting your design shelf life to a fraction. It seems the more impactful the statement the shorter the time people will love it.

Tile trends

I snuck in to see possibly the most expensive condo to ever exist in Naples a couple of weeks ago as it’s nearing a multi-million dollar renovation. I’m not sure I took a breath during the entire tour…in fact, I’m pretty sure I was starting to black out towards the end. There was so much to see and admire. I hope whatever device you’re on you can see and appreciate the detail in this tile application. It was just completely out of this world!

Many people in Naples didn’t take well to the really hard contemporary idea especially if it was outfitted with stark, shorter Euro furnishing. Comments I heard beyond just not liking it was they didn’t think it would be comfortable…maybe that’s our age talking.

We sometimes tend to take on trends and overdo them in Naples. It seems as if one person grabs a new design eventually you see it everywhere for 3-5 years then people hate it. I’ve heard more about this strange phenomenon over the course of the last couple of years than I have in awhile…maybe during the death of the Mediterranean era.

We’re a finicky bunch. We don’t always grab onto a style that is really popular in other locations. That has a ton to do with the fact we are split between Mid-West tastes and East coast and while they sometimes overlap, sometimes they don’t. We are also challenged with the fact that most people don’t want what they have at home which leads to my next point.

coastal decor

Droves of people every year come to Naples for our beaches. Beach styles always evolve and can range from eclectic to quirky, soothing to exotic. I find it interesting how so many people respond favorably.

Building in Aqualane Shores?

If you’re thinking about building in Aqualane Shores your lot options are pretty tight. The good news is you still have options including one amazing lot currently marketing at a breathtaking price. If don’t have your construction and design team in place or your lot picked out, call me. I have a brilliant team and can lead you to an amazing location so you can accomplish this really creative chapter in your life.

Buying in Aqualane Shores?

You should be able to accomplish just about any objective with what’s currently on the market provided your budget is in line with current values. If you’re looking for an amazing new project, want to purchase something updated or buy an amazing brand new home, they’re available.

Buying activity has been spotty for July with some homes attracting a fair amount of attention while others are sitting with virtually nothing going on. This is troublesome for Sellers. That could help you with your negotiation strategy. On the other hand, this can also give Buyers a false sense of security that they have plenty of time. If you fall into this category, call me. I can shield you from mass disappointment.

You have until about September to capitalize on summer discounts. Once mid-September rolls around expect that annual tightening and enthusiasm for seasonal Buyers to set into the minds of Sellers who want all of their money.

Selling in Aqualane Shores?

People ask me all the time, “When is the best time to sell?” It completely depends on the year! It can also depend on what you’re selling. Every year I see whole neighborhoods make mistakes that can affect value. For example, we still have an enormous amount of people who think you can only sell between October and April. There are even people who think you can only sell between January and Easter…whichever day that may fall. These theories are typically held by people who really have no idea what is going on. By the way, Easter is on April 21st next year opposed to April 1st this year so that’s nearly 3 more weeks of the high season right? Hahaha

Technology is really changing the way people buy real estate. In fact, I just bought the most amazing tool to help you sell your house. I haven’t been this excited about a marketing tool since maybe the first iPhone and look how that impacted our lives and how long ago that occurred! If you really want to make an impactful marketing presence, call me. This will blow our competition away!

New people just discovering Naples aren’t accustomed to our timelines and we attract people who do not want to be inconvenienced and want to do things when they’re ready. That includes buying a house. For the last 3 years, I’ve had conversations with summertime Buyers who want to do something but it isn’t on the market.

Other than that, the key is to have a real strategy if your goal is to get the most for your property or sell sometime soon. 1/5th of the current inventory has been unable to accomplish selling within a year. Call me to gain massive exposure and avoid long market times.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed my latest Aqualane Shores market update! Give me a jingle when you’re ready to accomplish your Aqualane Shores real estate objective.

Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!