Aqualane Shores Real Estate Forecast For 2020 – 2021

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Hello Naples Friends,

I have your Aqualane Shores real estate forecast for the 2020-2021 real estate market right here!

In This Post:Design trends in Aqualane Shores

• The One Big Talking Point
• Current Aqualane Shores inventory levels
• Projected inventory levels
• Comparison of last year’s inventory report
• New construction report
• What sellers can expect
• What buyers can expect

2020 has been an unprecedented year for Naples real estate success. Our newly retired water-loving fanatics, those escaping harsh winters and high-taxed areas have their focus set on Naples. We’re also attracting buyers who have newfound freedom to work from home, escapees from crime-ridden urban areas, and people who want to be in a better location if they find themselves amidst another quarantine. These new buyers have made huge moves this summer and it’s shaking up our southwest Florida slice of paradise.

The One Big Talking Point

It’s going to be inventory levels and I believe lack of shadow inventory hitting the market. We’ll know more as I dig through all of my favorite Naples locations but Aqualane Shores is proving my theory. Only 4 homes remain off the market since March 1st. Others went off but re-entered late Spring or during the summer. Some of those are already pending contract or sold. That’s going to put a very interesting twist on the available inventory for buyers who are planning to purchase this season!

Aqualane Shores Inventory LevelsAqualane Shores Open Houses

  • Current – Almost 10 months
  • Projected – 8 months
  • Last August – 9 months
  • Last August projected – 16 months

Last year I expected 9 homes to re-enter the market sometime between October and December. This year, I expect 4. Once the 8 pending properties close, we could see an actual drop in inventory.

40% of the Aqualane Shores homes had dropped their offering price by this time last year. This year only 21% of the properties are marketing at a lower price.

Aqualane Shores is seeing 8% higher prices compared to what sold over the last 12 months and if we keep selling our inventory down, you can expect those numbers to rise higher.

Overall market time is down 19% compared to what sold during the past year further proving the market has strengthened.

Aqualane Shores New Construction

Aqualane Shores new construction has strengthened as investors and builders gambled on the notion their reward was going to be greater than the risk. Currently, there are 8 new homes for sale in Aqualane Shores with 2 pending now and 4 selling this past year.

What Buyers Can ExpectAqualane Shores

Don’t be surprised if you’re not feeling overly accommodated during negotiations this year. There are many positive talking points slanted towards the seller. Your best time to buy is now opposed to waiting until January which typically brings the lion-share of the buyer prospect base. Waiting for the end of season deals next year could be your second chance if there’s anything good left to grab by then.

The average discount is about 7.5% and while you have a little more time to make decisions compared to some of our other fabulous locations, it’s wise to sign up for Aqualane Shores’ new property notifications so you can be alerted of new offerings and price drops.

What Sellers Can ExpectAqualane Shores $3,000,000 $4,000,000

Now is a fabulous time to sell with prices on the rise but it is no time to market at wildly unrealistic prices. Go with an agent who can tell you the truth about your property value and knows how to market to not only in town guests but globally as well. We saw a massive increase in site unseen buyers. They made their selections digitally more this year compared to the last several years.

Print marketing is not going to be nearly as impactful this year as some prospects will opt to purchase from afar. Videos, digital walkthroughs, and the ability to highlight your property’s strong points via FaceTime tours could help you solidify a contract from afar. Ask me how I compete extraordinarily well in digital formats for optimum results.

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed my Aqualane Shores real estate forecast for the 2020-2021 real estate market. You’re welcome to catch up on the Aqualane Shores report I wrote last year. If you have any questions about Aqualane Shores or any other Naples luxury location, contact me directly for more information.

Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!