How To Find Reliable Information About Community Amenities In Aqualane Shores Naples

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Aqualane Shores is one of the most sought-after communities in Naples. The location of this amazing development is one of the big factors that makes it so desirable. If you are considering buying or renting a property here, you should do your homework first. This article shows you how to find reliable information about community amenities in Aqualane Shores, Florida.

Reputable REALTORS and rental agents can be your trusted source of information. Inside intelligence along with a wide variety of additional insight from past clients, is one of the biggest reasons to go this route. We can shed light on key attributes to help you understand why some properties are more valuable than others and help you avoid common pitfalls others have made. You’ll learn everything about beaches, area attractions like Third Street South, and fun events you won’t want to miss. The best real estate agents will be able to direct you to all the best resources, so you’ll be able to plan your travel around the best attractions of the year, like Third Street Farmer’s Market events and our Holiday Snowfall Celebration.

Not all websites or services are created equal and require some significant due diligence if you want to safeguard yourself from potential fraud. While we see fraudulent activity regarding properties for sale, we see more fraudulent listings on the rental side of the industry.

Before sending any deposits, verify if you are dealing directly with an owner or a licensed rental agent and verify if the rental or potential property for sale is real. You can always verify a Florida real estate license at My Florida . com.

Shannon has had experience with potential renters who have used her services to confirm or deny listing accuracy. For example, a potential tenant called her to verify if one of her past sales was on the rental market. In this instance, somebody had stolen photography from her past listing and added it to a fake rental offering to scam rental prospects. Many people have fallen victim to this kind of scam.

A growing concern for Florida residents is a new type of scam called Title Fraud. False documents are forged and registered to transfer your property into their name. A new mortgage is secured against your property, and then they disappear with the new mortgage funds without making any payments. The bank thinks you’re not making the payment and may start proceedings on foreclosure. To protect yourself, keep your personal information private. Do not offer information to people you don’t know. Keep an eye on your credit report; if you see anything unusual, contact the credit bureaus and your attorney as soon as possible. If you don’t have a great real estate attorney, call Shannon. She can refer you to an excellent resource.

There is an added level of protection when working with licensed agents who have access to tax records and a wide variety of other resources to ensure you are making a sound decision. Contact Shannon today if you want more information about real estate in Aqualane Shores.