Audubon Naples Real Estate Forecast For 2019-2020

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Audubon Naples Real Estate Forecast For 2019-2020

In the second edition of my series, The 2019-2020 Naples Real Estate Forecast, I’ll be talking about the Audubon Naples, Florida real estate forecast for 2019-2020 today and what that means to you if you’re thinking about buying or selling Audubon real estate this year. Not all Naples real estate markets are performing the same way this year. If you’re just getting started and considering more than one Naples luxury golf community, check back. I’ll be reporting on the best ones during the next week. Ok, Let’s get started!

In This Post:

  • Current Audubon Naples inventory levels
  • Projected inventory levels
  • Comparison of last year’s inventory report
  • What sellers can expect
  • What buyers can expect

Fast Audubon Naples Real Estate FactsAudubon Naples, Florida

  • Current – 14 months
  • Projected – 16 months
  • Last August – 8 months

Audubon as a whole didn’t make the same mistake they did last year by mass exiting off the market at the end of the season a year ago. I do see 9 properties that could re-enter the market which could further increase the inventory in Audubon which could put the neighborhood into a greater depreciating zone but they’re already there.

Current Audubon Real Estate Statistics

  • 3% drop in price compared to the year before.
  • 9% increase in market time compared to what sold during the past year.
  • 2% increase in list price to sales price ratio. Say what?

Selling Your Audubon Home?Audubon Homes For Sale

Last year I suggested hitting the market now. While inventories in Audubon are expected to creep up during the 2019-2020 peak real estate season, I don’t think it’s going to make a catastrophic difference in your bottom line if you wait to list.

If you want to give yourself an edge, talk to a great agent now so they can begin their marketing endeavors so you are 100% ready to go when the clock starts! If you’re with a diligent agent such as myself, I’m going to want to make sure your photos are fantastic which will catapult the number of active Audubon buyers toward your property and greatly increase your chances of great success.

If Audubon residents make the same mistake some Collier’s Reserve residents made, some owners are going to put too much stock in the improvements the Club made and overprice without success. Most clubs do see a nice little bump in sales activity once the amenities have been improved. We expect you to see some of that good fortune as well.

I would suggest having a MASTER MARKETING PLAN this year. Audubon is the type of market where everybody does the same tired thing. It’s a really easy market to stand out if you have an agent who thinks out of the box. If you want to know 5 ways your listing can get the most views compared to any other home in Audubon giving you the best opportunity to sell for the most money, call me.

Buying an Audubon Home?Audubon Rental

I have great news for you! They’re completing a 7 million dollar renovation on the club and you’ll be paying less than your new neighbors who bought last year.  Yay! You also have more to choose from including some shiny new construction! Triple score! If you were looking last year don’t be surprised if you see properties re-enter the market. You will also see new listings as well but you’ll have good choices.

You have more choices when it comes to remodeled inventory in Audubon this year and the pricing is stellar compared to some of the competing golf communities around town. If you’re the type of buyer who really doesn’t want to do the heavy lifting, you can get a great home here for less money.
If you prefer something new you only have 2 choices right now so it might be wiser to strike now while they’re still available.
The best thing you can do is sign up for Audubon Naples new property notifications so you don’t miss a terrific new home or great deals!
Ok, that’s what I have for Audubon Naples this year. Softer than last year, more buyer opportunities but a nice market for sellers to accomplish their goals. Call me to help you and let’s get some real estate bought and sold!
Best Regards,
Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!