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It is no wonder that Florida has maintained its position as one of America’s favorite vacation playgrounds. The weather is fantastic, the beaches are world class, and the entertainment options are just about unlimited. However, for many people one of the highlights of a visit to Florida is not those wonderful stretches of pristine sand – but the great dining options that the ‘Sunshine State’ has to offer.

One of the culinary hot spots for foodies wanting to get the most out of their Florida dining experiences in Naples. The dining options here range from family friendly, value for money restaurants to fine dining opportunities and much, much more. If you are in the vicinity of Grey Oaks Naples FL or one of the other residential districts and developments in the Naples, then set aside some time to explore some exceptional culinary choices.

Here are some of the best to get you started on your exploration.

1. Truluck’s Seafood, Steak, and Crab House.

If variety is the spice of your life, then a trip to Truluck’s is highly recommended. This is a restaurant that remains a favorite with both locals and visitors to Naples in part due to the excellent menu choices of seafood and steaks. The service and the food have been prepared with that extra bit of care that makes it a pleasure to visit. With choices such as the surf and turf options and the fabulous fillet, this is a go-to choice when visiting the area. A fabulous cocktail is a great choice as well.

2. Fin Bistro.

Another spectacular example of why Florida and Naples (and Marco Island in particular) has such an excellent reputation for delivering exceptional seafood choice. Excellent shellfish and seasonal vegetables also do their bit to make this a great dining destination. With choices such as the ‘Key West swordfish and Calvados stone ground mustard jus’ or the cider soaked pork tenderloin, no one goes home unsatisfied.

3. The Bistro Soleil.

A touch of Continental flair characterizes the dining area at the Olde Marco Inn. The latest iteration takes gracious dining to a whole new level with dishes that display the chef’s commitment to providing guests with a medley of flavor profiles. Meals such as the ‘Long Island duck an l’orange’ showing an admirable commitment to the classics and simply structured tastes delivered by meals such as the ’tilapia topped with crab and capers in lemon butter’ this is a restaurant that has refined it menu offering to provide a sensory experience that should be savored.

4. Verdi’s American Bistro.

The unassuming location (in a strip mall) belies the popularity and staying power of these dining destinations. A Naples institution for over a decade Verdi’s delivers exceptional seafood and meat dishes that strive to balance simplicity with exceptional presentation and great depths of flavor. Some of the dishes are just as much fun to order as they are to enjoy. Try the ‘New Zealand rack of lamb & garlic mashed potatoes with asparagus, a port reduction complimented by a lamb and mint demi-glaze. The seafood is also top class. Only beer and wine are available – but the wine list is extensive and worth exploring.

5. The Rumba Cuban Cafe.

Florida has an excellent reputation for producing incredible Cuban inspired foods – and a visit to the Rumba Cuban Cafe shows why. Make like a local and grab a Cuban sandwich or indulge in the flounder served with black beans and flavored with cilantro. Order a pitcher of Sangria to round off the experience.

If you are in the area of Grey Oaks take some time off to experience the dining choices and entertainment around Naples – you will be glad that you did.