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Located near the Gulf of Mexico, Grey Oaks Naples FL is a very popular private community. It consists of two separate areas where they have neighborhoods. This includes the Estuary and Grey Oaks proper. Each of these locations has exceptional housing, multi million-dollar properties that you can purchase. It is an outstanding location, situated on a wide swath of land, that has both single-family homes and condominiums. All of these residences are in neighborhoods, each one distinctly different. They all utilize a Mediterranean-style, and since it opened up back in the 1990s, the Grey Oaks country club has received a Platinum Award. Here is additional information that you should know about this golfing community that may motivate you to find out about available homes.

Why Many People Like This Community

There are several distinct reasons that this might be the exact location you are looking for. With its overall rating in the United States, it’s in the top 1% of all golfing communities. There are a total of three golf courses that are there, each of which is distinctly made, incorporating the natural surroundings adeptly. It is also one of the most expensive memberships in all of Naples, specifically for the golf courses, because of who made them and how incredibly beautiful they are.

Overview Of The Grey Oaks Golf Courses

Three golf courses are all professionally designed. If you are a skilled golf enthusiast, The Pine Course is the one for you. Regarded at one point as being one of the top five most difficult in all of Florida, you will experience winding berms, and unique challenges, incorporating the local cedar and pine trees. The Palm Course also has 18 holes, but it utilizes the surrounding natural setting differently. There will be sandy beaches, freshwater lakes, unique rock formations and lagoons on all sides as you play. The Estuary Course, designed by Bob Cupp is very different from the other two. It utilizes ornamental landscaping, exotic grasses, and sand traps that will keep you on your toes as you play golf amidst this breathtaking sanctuary. Not only is it beautiful, but it was widely regarded as the golf course of the year back in 2005. Once you are done playing golf, if you have a membership, you will get access to both of the clubhouses, one of which is 62,000 ft.² in size.

Why Should You Get A Home There?

This golfing community has exceptional homes that have no comparison. Prices start at about $1 million and can be $9 million for the top designs. They are categorized based upon their neighborhood, layout, and location within the Grey Oaks community. Wherever you happen to be, you will be close to the golf courses and clubhouses, allowing you to relax and visit with friends and family members. It is an outstanding destination, one that you will be proud to invite people over to attend because of everything that it has to offer.

How To Find A Realtor That Can Show You Homes

Many of the homes that you will see will be astounding to you. The construction, color, and the layout will motivate you to want to buy them. It’s not just about the size of the homes, but where they are located. Being a resident of Grey Oaks is an absolute privilege, which is why people are often motivated to purchase a home there at any price. Some realtors have sold homes there for decades, and you need to find a reputable realtor that can negotiate for you. You could end up saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the sale, plus get the exact home that you want.

Everything that you will see while you are taking a tour of Grey Oaks is going to impress you. It was designed to be perfect for the affluent of society. Whether you are retired, or if you have decided that it is time to live in a much better place, you can’t go wrong with this golfing community that has won so many awards.