How To Hack This Naples Real Estate Market 6.30.21

Hello Naples Friends! Today I’m sharing tips on how you can hack this Naples real estate market. These tips will help you accomplish your goal of buying or selling your Naples property successfully and with better ease than what many will experience next season!

Before I get started, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for trusting and using my real estate services and choosing as a reliable Naples real estate resource. Because of your faith, I already surpassed last year’s all-time sales record. As some of you already know, my mother died in May. She was an amazing lady and fought a great fight. Thank you for being patient with my real estate updates as I navigated through a particularly tough period! I am humbled and grateful!

Tips For Buyers

Naples Sea StarStrike Now For Better Prices and Less Competition

Buyers are seeing some relief after a year of insanely active buying and dramatically decreased inventory around Naples. I’m seeing attractive luxury properties hitting the market and sitting for a few extra days or, in some cases, longer market times. Your best buying opportunities are likely right now, while sellers wonder if a more severe turn in the market has arrived.

Sellers are always more confident as the season approaches. Your window of opportunity is now through August if you want to get your best deal. While we still have several buyers watching closely, not all are striking. This cloak can offer an excellent edge for buyers who make offers. Now is the time to make intelligent offers without necessarily being required to pull out all the tricks buyers used during this past season to solidify their deal. Striking now can save you a great deal of money and risk. If you’re planning a visit between August and September, you may come across one of my all-time favorite sea creatures. Sea Stars, a nine-legged starfish make appearances on our Naples beaches during this time of year!

You won’t always have to come in at full price or above today, especially on those properties that have spent some time on the market. Please don’t get too excited. Enormous discounting will still be frowned upon and will likely not result in a favorable outcome. Call me today to discuss your objective! We can help you negotiate your best deal!

Other Terms Can Win Your DealSummer In Naples

Many sellers have made their trek back north or are traveling again. Many properties throughout the Naples area are easier to show but getting those sellers back to orchestrate a move is a little trickier. Don’t be scared to ask for extended closings, as many sellers need that extra time to make arrangements for their things. Many buyers don’t want to take possession until closer to the season anyway. Not all sellers are looking for a fast close. Make that negotiation now while there’s less competition, and then let them take care of it until closer to the season when you’re ready to come down to enjoy it!

Cash is still king and, in some cases, still the only way a seller will accept a contract, BUT I’m seeing an enormous group of buyers who want to take advantage of low-interest rates. There are ways of financing without alarming the seller. Your lender MUST do business in Florida. If you don’t have a Florida lender, give me a call, we have excellent lenders on file, and I’ll explain how we can get your deal accomplished.

Is FaceTime The Way To Buy?FaceTime Buyers in Naples

FaceTime is still a tool busy buyers are using to purchase. We have watched (and participated) in several FaceTime tours to help buyers get into properties this past year. Sight-unseen showings aren’t a new thing for me as I’ve been assisting buyers to acquire properties since 2010 this way. If you have never purchased a sight-unseen property, you should know your “more confident” competition doesn’t even flinch.

FaceTime tours have increased DRAMATICALLY, and what was once foreign, weird, and unthinkable is now a mainstream activity. Don’t let your lack of confidence prevent you from getting a better deal this summer if you’re too busy to come to Naples. Instead, call me. I’ll walk you through all the ways you’re protected and help you decide if you’re ready to leap. You may not be, but you’ll never know unless you explore a little.

Be Leary Of New AgentsNaples Beach

New agents have an enormous amount of energy and typically are excited to get your deal done, but they 100% cannot read the signs of a changing market and will likely dish out outdated information. This lack of timely information typically comes at a cost to the buyer. Limited experience can’t protect you from overpaying, taking unnecessary risks, or purchasing in an alternative location that may not fare a decline as well as others.

There is a vast amount of neighborhood intelligence you can’t google. Association lawsuits, board battles, anticipated assessments are all discussions not privy to the public. A highly connect and experienced agent usually has intelligence and can alert you of pitfalls that may arise before you purchase. Assessments are always easier to swallow when you see them coming.

Your more experienced agent likely has a vast connection with owners and other agents preparing to list new properties. New agents typically won’t get this kind of intelligence. Working with somebody new or an agent who doesn’t have that connection will likely miss out on upcoming agents. Hire a boss, so you avoid the missed opportunity.

Tips For Sellers

List Now To Avoid Higher CompetitionNaples Beaches

Many foreign and busy sellers have been unable/unwilling to travel to Naples and have felt a little trapped in not selling this past year. I have exciting news for you. We know incredible people who have made it their business to get your treasures safely to you or securely stored so you can have your home in excellent showing condition and can deliver possession to your new buyer.

If you have inspection items that need to be handled, we have an entire team of people who can repair or improve. Don’t let the inconvenience of not getting here prevent you from reaping the highest value for your property. Call me, and I’ll walk you through our resources of people and businesses we know who can help you accomplish getting your effects where they need to go. We can help you get your house in the condition you need to capture the highest reward.

FaceTime Buyer Anxieties Explained

With the dramatic increase in site unseen purchasing this year, we’ve noticed some sellers don’t understand it but, more importantly, don’t trust it. We even saw a deal where a seller accepted a lower offer because that buyer had walked through the property. Dumb! You might lack familiarity with the sight-unseen process, but that doesn’t make it riskier to sell to a buyer relying on technology to purchase. Give me a call, and I’ll go over how we can protect you with a sight-unseen buyer. You’ll thank me for it.

A Wise Listing Agent Is Worth Their Weight In GoldExperience Pays

Anytime we see a robust real estate market, we see two things occur with our industry. A big wave of new agents hatch, creating chaos and havoc as they learn the real estate trade, and we see some of our most tenured, experienced agents gracefully exit the industry. I question if it’s due to the exhaustion of dealing with the new kids. I’m teasing, I think.

Somehow, the departure of these tenured agents tends to send owners into sort of a tailspin. It’s natural for owners to think their properties will sell themselves in a hot market, but this is a misconception. I’m seeing a bunch of less experienced agents list some pretty fantastic property. You should list your property with inexperienced agents if you like to gamble with your time and equity.

If you prefer to play it smart, consider listing with experience to help you navigate towards a solid transaction that protects you from the countless situations that arise from a contract with terribly crafted terms. My colleagues and I discuss these terms often. We find ourselves adjusting terms all the time to make sure our clients have the utmost protection. You might think, you don’t need to worry about this right now when buyers want to buy! Think again. There have been 265 failed contracts in the Naples area this month alone. Hire experience to avoid being part of this statistic.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to hack this Naples real estate market. If you have questions or are planning a visit to sell or buy, please call me!

Happy 4th of July!

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!

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