How We Listed and Sold 6640 Trident Way In Pelican Bay

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Hello Naples Friends,

Today, I’m going to share how we listed and sold 6640 Trident Way located in Villas at Pelican Bay in 51 days of market time! It’s a fun case study and may help you get a little bit of insight on what we’re about.

I received the call from the Seller who “saw my ad.” Hey Shannon, come over, I think I want to sell my place.

I called my partner, Chad and met her at her home.

During our visit we:

  • Assessed the property.
  • Discussed the market.
  • Identified what needed to be done to position the property to catch the most interest.
  • Discussed our marketing strategy.
  • Explained what she could expect.

At the end we expected her to say, “Ok, I’ll finish my interview process and let you know.” Instead, she said, “Ok, I’m comfortable. Let’s do it.”

We listed her property right away.

She went to work and went WAY above and beyond what we requested. Chad helped her on a handful of occasions with heavy furniture and items she couldn’t reach. She decluttered, packed the items she wanted to keep, had fresh flowers planted. She even gave the piano she no longer wanted to our handyman who took care of a few things we knew would show up on an inspection report. She was A BOSS!

I hired the best photographer in town.

He came and waited patiently while we moved the furniture she wanted to keep out of the photos. As always, he let me make sure everything within the frame was exactly as I wanted. There is no better photographer in Naples, Florida!

I shot my own Matterport tour.

I found photographers race through properties when shooting Matterport tours because they can take a good amount of time and most good photographers are busy. So, I bought my own so I could shoot everything I think a buyer will want to see and I can make sure the placement for the shots are meaningful. By shooting the tour on the same day as the photos we wouldn’t imposition our client more than once and I can guarantee the Matterport tour is going to be AMAZING.

True of False? –  Is it always better to list a property as “furnished”, “partially furnished” or “negotiable”? My answer is no. Ask me why.

Photos with vacant rooms can be very difficult to understand so instead of leaving the rooms like this:

I had them virtually staged so people could understand what they could do with the space. We marketed the property like this:

While the staged photos were a massive improvement from the real ones, the furniture and accessory selection wasn’t wonderful. This summer, I learned how to do it myself so next time I’ll be able to place the type of furniture and accessories Neapolitans will gravitate towards most.

Virtual staging is finally becoming a real thing in Naples.

While virtual staging can be an amazing tool, we are seeing a ton of terrible virtual staging photos filled with furniture and accessories that don’t really speak to the typical Neapolitan’s taste. My listings deserve the personal attention a real buyer is going to appreciate.  In many cases, our buyer will also be able to purchase the things I’ve placed in my listing if they really like what I did.

After the photos were ready we just sat around and waited. Just kidding. We don’t wait for anything.

Here’s what happened next.

  • We hit MLS
  • Created a mass amount of marketing pieces to use with other agents, our personal network and our everyday consumer.
  • Designed a professional brochure.
  • Drew a floor plan.
  • Wrote information pieces illustrating everything about the property and Pelican Bay.
  • Hosted Broker’s open houses.
  • Talked with the neighbors.
  • Blasted our social media accounts with 1,000’s of viewers.
  • Sent direct mail pieces to 1,000’s of Naples residents.
  • Held countless open houses.
  • Sent detailed weekly reports to our client.

After receiving a respectable amount of feedback on the paint color in the kitchen, we had it painted. It went from:

To this:

Sometimes the difference between a sale and a pass can be one tiny thing. If your listing agent is on top of the business of selling your home, a simple inexpensive change can be the fairy dust that produces a sale! After 7 more showings and 12 days later, we received a walk-in from our open house sign. He asked several questions, wanted to see it again before making a decision. Asked more questions and then made an offer which was accepted the following day.

Open Permit Issue

The contract process included an open permit older than the timeline our client owned the property. Unfortunately, our client closed with a title company where the open permit had not been disclosed and now she was faced with having to get the permit closed out. I took a hike to the county to see what needed to occur to resolve the issue.

Because the contractor who submitted the permit was still in business, I thought this would be a relatively easy resolution. I’ll just call the contractor, the contractor will pay $50.00 to extend the permit, meet the inspector, the inspection will pass and then we can close it out. I located the contractor’s number and left a message. No response. I called the next day without success of a response. In efforts to provide the best service to my client, I then took a drive to the contractor’s house and knocked on his door. You can imagine his surprise when he opened the door. I explained our situation in which he replied, “Ok, I’ll go down tomorrow and see what I need to do.” I imagine he decided to NOT do the right thing upon learning he would need to pay $50.00 to do the right thing. When I followed up, he was unwilling to participate. I ended up getting the permit issue resolved after a few extra steps.

The bottom line though is nobody should have to deal with issues like this one. There’s a VERY SIMPLE way to avoid these types of issues. Ask me how.

While we’re on the topic, do you know how to find out if you have open permits? The best way is to identify them and get them resolved before you get the contract. Call me if you have questions!

How Did We Stack Up?

So far there have been 2 out of 5 listings sold in Villas at Pelican Bay in 2019. The other was completely remodeled. We put ours under contract in 51 days while the other had a contract in 42. Those statistics aren’t terrible considering we had original bathrooms and backed up to a busy road while the other offered a glorious view of the golf course. There’s one on the market now with 139 days of market time and 2 other properties currently off the market with an average market time of 214 days.

How Much Does It Cost To Carry?

Most don’t think about the carrying costs on a property they’re ready to let go. They get stuck on a number and refuse to go under but forget they’ll never recoup the money they spend on:

  • HOA Fees
  • Condo Fees
  • All maintenance
  • Interest (if you have a loan)
  • Taxes
  • Club dues

Some people forget assessments passed could fall on the owner if they’re due before they sell. Others don’t take into account that every property that sells for less sets the tone for new market values and strengthens a buyer’s position. Naples is depreciating in nearly all locations. It pays to have an aggressive agent!

For more information or to see what we can do for you, call me today!

Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl