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The Moorings Naples resort is a top destination for retirees looking for excellent places to live. You have access to condos, single-family homes, and those that are built with docks so you can take your boat out on the water every day. The homes in this community are very popular because of their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, and also how close these homes are to create places to shop, dine, and even participate in live events in Naples. It has one of the older golf courses, yet one of the best, despite being much smaller than many of the others. It’s perfect for people that don’t mind walking and get most of their exercise playing a game of golf in the morning. If you can become a resident of this community, many other amenities will be available to you.

Why Moorings Is Such A Popular Place To Live

When people think of Florida, they often envision excellent weather, sandy beaches, and boats out on the water. They also think about golfing, playing tennis, and even doing some deep-sea fishing. At Moorings Naples Florida, all of this is available and more. The homes are median in range when compared to other golf communities, priced, on average, and a couple of million dollars. The more expensive ones will give you access to saltwater estuaries so you can use your boat or yacht. These are all the things that people think of when considering a place to live in the great state of Florida.


What Can You Find At Moorings?

First and foremost, if you are an avid golfer, there is a Milton Link 18 hole 72 par golf course. It was opened up in the 1960s, and over the decades, it still maintains its position as one of the top destinations for playing golf. There is a country club that you will get access to. It is just one of two golf courses that are in the Naples city limits. Bermuda celebration grass, trees, and well-maintained fairways will make this golf course very challenging to play. There are also places to eat, unique private events, and a wide array of outstanding social activities that will keep people busy all week long.

How To Know Which Homes Are For Sale

If you do choose to live at Moorings, you can find all of the available houses by doing a search online or checking with a local realtor. When you talk to the realtors, tell them what your price range is, what type of home you are looking for, and whether or not you want access to the water. This will limit your scope to just a handful of currently available homes, and they can tell you about the history of the house and set up a tour. This will allow you to see the ones that you think would be best suited for you and your significant other, and if you have a family, they will likely have ones that are large enough for a family with young children.

Membership Opportunities That Moorings

The membership that Moorings offer includes a social package that will cost $9000 to get access to. The annual dues are very low, priced at just over $1600 a year. There is also a golf membership, allowing you to play on the golf course that is there. It will cost $36,000 to get in and $5400 annually. The maximum number of members is almost 1000. This can be both beneficial and somewhat challenging, depending upon how you look at this. It can be challenging to get a tee time by comparison to other golf courses, but it’s beneficial because it increases your odds of getting in.

If Moorings looks appealing to you, talk to a realtor today. They can tell you what homes are for sale and also talk to you about condos if that’s what you need. The prices will be very reasonable by comparison to other locations that are also close to the Gulf of Mexico. Your job is to simply start talking with a realtor who has excellent experience in selling homes that golf communities. They will help you every step of the way. In no time at all, you will be the proud owner of a condo or home in Moorings, a place that is considered by many to be one of the best-kept secrets in Naples.