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Good Morning Subscribers!

I hope you enjoyed a glorious summer and are making your plans to head back down to Naples, Florida to enjoy our sunshine, dine in our fabulous restaurants, hit a few balls and brighten our beaches with your smiles! I also hope you’re planning on giving me a jingle to buy or sell Naples real estate! Here are some Naples real estate pro-tips for pre-season 2019-2020 to help you get the most out of your experience!

Pro-Tip #1 Read My Naples Real Estate Forecasts

For Buyers and Sellers

Have you been following my 2019-2020 Naples real estate forecasts? If not, you can read them all here! Check out all of the neighborhoods you care about and get truthful information about shadow inventories and where the market is likely going this year!  You can expect several more Naples neighborhoods to drop within the next week! Keep your eyes out for:Park Shore Naples, Florida

If you don’t see your favorite neighborhood listed or already posted, reach out to me directly and I’ll personally craft one for you!

Pro Tip #2 Sign Up For Updates

For Buyers and Sellers

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or planning on selling this year, sign-up for neighborhood updates so you can get a clear picture of where the market is going, what new listings are hitting the market and price changes! I’m amazed at how many of you have already signed up who have the BEST advantage over their buying and selling competitors.

We will see some sizeable price reductions across Collier County this year. The bigger the reduction, the faster they’ll go under contract. If you’re in search of the best deal, your market subscription will alert you first helping you strike your best deal! For example, there’s a unit in Chanteclair Maisonettes that has dropped 18% off their price with 4 reductions since March! If you’re in the market for any location I showcase, you’ll get those notifications so you can make a deal! Views on that property are up 141% compared to the week before!

Attractive new listings at great prices will get some great attention! If you’re looking for a properly priced attractive property, you’re not alone! For example, a listing in Coronado at Pelican Bay saw 150 views this past week up from 0 the week before! That property is gorgeous and lots of eyeballs typically mean a property is getting ready to sell!

Just head over to your favorite neighborhood and click the button to sign up for new listings, market reports or open house alerts! Then you can rest easy knowing all of your most important updates are coming to you instead of manually trying to keep up on your own!

sign up for market reports

Pro Tip #3 Let’s Compare Notes Before You See Property!

For BuyersPelican_Bay_Beach

Every year 100’s of Naples buyers make appointments to see Naples properties that will never satisfy their goal. Viewing properties that fail expectations rob hours of precious vacation time from Naples buyers every year! Many buying trips result in having to book several additional trips to accomplish the goal of buying Naples real estate which is costly and cumbersome.

Even more disturbing are the number of properties purchased that only end up going back on the market because buyers were dissatisfied with what they purchased.

It takes me less than 5 minutes to review your goals and position you on a track for success. I’ll ask questions to help you better visualize your objective and you will have a far greater chance of getting that perfect place you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Pro Tip #4 See With Your Eyes AND Mine

For Buyers

Every time I show a property, I offer insight to what 100’s of other buyers have said in the past offering juicy details to what others think about floor plans, locations, views and more. I can share what people love about one building over a competing building or why it’s smarter to purchase in this part of the neighborhood over another.

Buyers make purchasing mistakes all the time because they work with agents who don’t know their buyer is purchasing a dog. No advice is bad advice and that’s why you want to work with a sound agent whose ultimate goal is to sell you something you’ll like compared to an agent who’s top interest is lining their own pockets with a fast commission.

Pro Tip #5 Great Agents Provide The Best Response Time

For Sellers

Some Naples neighborhoods are going to reposition into buyer’s markets this year. If you’re planning on selling, go with an agent with exceptional response times so you can have the highest chance of making the most money! Last year, we encouraged a seller to make some marketing changes that ended up in a successful sale right at the precise time the market was slipping. She’s sitting with a pocketful of money from a property she no longer needed while ALL of her neighbors who wanted to sell are still holding.  The percentage of highly responsive agents is very small in Naples. Call me to reap the highest reward!

Pro Tip #6 Your Property Deserves The Best Exposure!

For Sellers

It takes more effort to sell Naples real estate right now. I see 1,000’s of terrible photos online every week and the photos alone are what drives buyers to make appointments to see properties they are considering purchasing.  See how we sold it and what we do differently and ask about how we can drive the most showing appointments to your property to help you procure your buyer faster at prices you can accept!

In Conclusion

It’s going to be one hell of a season and these 6 tips are bound to help you find that perfect property or help you sell the one you’re ready to let go. Don’t forget to sign up for Naples real estate property notifications that mean the most and reach out to me directly so I can help you crush your Naples real estate goals!

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Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!






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