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Did you know that it is possible to get a regular home in Naples, one that is not necessarily associated with the golf course? This is an expectation with many people that move into this area. However, you may want a nice view of the ocean. Beachfront property homes can be costly, but if you can get one in a neighborhood that is not right on the beach, this might be more affordable for you. You will still have access to all of the amenities of living in an upscale neighborhood, along with club memberships that will give you many benefits. If you are interested in club memberships and community amenities, Old Naples is the perfect place for you to live. This quick overview of what is available for new and existing residents of this community and Naples may motivate you to consider putting offers on the house or two.

Why Would You Choose Old Naples?

Old Naples Florida is often synonymous with Naples the city. However, they are very different locations. This community has a much slower pace and is not explicitly designed to attract retirees interested in the game of golf. In this case, it’s about location. You are close to the beach, yet not close enough to necessitate purchasing homes that cost tens of millions of dollars. You can get into most of them for a couple of million dollars and still take advantage of the benefits of membership.

Membership Benefits Old Naples Residents

To enjoy the benefits of living in this community, you must become part of the Old Naples Association. This will give you access to social events, and also informational events, that will keep you busy throughout the week. You even get access to member discounts that are just not available to anyone else. You also have a direct email to member support. They will have scheduled meetings where they can update you on local events that will be happening, as well as changes to the membership program when they occur.

What About Local Community Amenities?

The amenities that are given to owners of homes that Old Naples are connected directly to the membership program. When you have paid your entry fee, along with your dues, you will get discounts on a multitude of different products. You will also be part of a group where you can meet other people just like you that have decided to make Old Naples your primary place to live. You may not necessarily be focused on playing golf, but you may be able to go to nearby golf courses at a discount. You can speak with representatives of this membership program to get a full list of those amenities.

Is It Worth The Cost Of Living In This Community?

This community has hundreds of homes that are sold every year. Everyone that does purchase a home has felt like they have made a good investment. You might be purchasing the property as a type of investment, or you may be retiring, and you will know that your property value will go up the longer that you are there. Your proximity to Naples, as well as to the many golf courses and other activities, will make this a very worthwhile place to be. Whether you enjoy going out on boating excursions to catch fish, enjoying the natural landscapes, or if you merely like sitting out on the beach, you are minutes away from taking part in these activities.

The community amenities that are part of the membership program for Old Naples residents is quite comprehensive. It is designed to ensure that every person living there is happy with that neighborhood. You may be able to vote on different items that they will add into the membership program, and also provide testimonials as to what you thought about previous events. When speaking with a realtor, be sure to tell them what your price range is. This information can help them only deliver the types of houses you would like to buy. Even though there is no designated golf course that you can play on, membership does have its privileges which may include discounts for golf, fishing trips, and many of the activities that are very popular in Naples.

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