Most people that go into the city of Naples are not aware of a location called Old Naples Florida. This is a part of Naples that is part of the Naples Beach Hotel. This hotel is one of the oldest, one that will provide you with excellent food, beverages, and sunsets. It is also the location of Palm Cottage, a historic site that was one of the first structures in this community. This is also zoned in a unique way, only allowing single-family homes. There is everything from small houses to mansions up and down the beach. If you are interested in living there, you should also know there are many forms of entertainment that you can participate in. There will likely be homes for sale, some that will be very affordable for you.

What Can You Do An Old Naples?

This area of Naples is right next to the Gulf of Mexico. You can see iconic sites like the Naples Pier, Naples Zoo to the north, and Naples Bay to the south. There are also many businesses there where you can get clothing, a great meal, or you might just be looking for a special gift for someone while you are shopping. All of these restaurants, shops, and homes for sale will be in all directions. It is a community that is designed for people that enjoy the slower pace that was once found in the main city of Naples. If you do want to live here, finding a realtor that can tell you about the local properties for sale as well as nearby school for your kids is the first step toward purchasing one of your very own.

How Much Are The Properties In Old Naples?

This area of Naples has an astounding number of homes that are for sale. They are priced at about $1 million on average. Some of the more expensive ones will be around $8 million, complete with seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, and will be about 5000 ft.². They will often have a pool, outbuildings, and will be constructed with luxury in mind. Not all of these homes will be within your price range, but your realtor will undoubtedly show you the ones that are. These are either going to be more toward the beach, the Royal Harbor or will merely be inland. The prices will differ based upon their location, size, and how long the property has been on the market.

Ways To Save Money When Making This Type Of Purchase

You can save a considerable amount of money by making offers on homes that have been on the market for longer than six months. Your realtor will direct you to those particular properties. Those that are for sale right now that have just come on the market will likely be more difficult to get at a discounted price. Unless the realtor has some relationship with the seller, you may have to offer the asking price if you want to own it. In some cases, you will be highly motivated to possess specific properties because of their location, whereas others are just so beautiful that you need to have it.

Old Naples is a very nice area of Naples that you may not have heard of. Your realtor can show you every property that is currently for sale in this community. By taking the time to go on tours, you can see how they look inside, and you will eventually make an offer on a home that you find to be the most appealing. Unless you are working with a real estate agent that has experience in selling these homes, you may not be able to negotiate a better deal. That’s why working with the most experienced real estate agent in Naples is recommended so that you will have the best chance possible of saving money when you purchase a home in Old Naples.