If you plan to visit Old Naples real estate soon you may be looking forward to enjoying many of the fantastic things that make this location so attractive. From the appealing entertainment venues to the boating activities and fine dining; indeed there is plenty to love about spending a few days or even a few weeks of vacation time here.

While visiting the area many people love to do a spot of shopping. However, if this is the first time for you to visit Old Naples, Florida you may wonder what shopping possibilities are available. Allow us to tell you about a few of the picks that may interest you and be worth putting on your itinerary.

Third Street South

This spot is loved by many shoppers and for plenty of good reasons. It does have everything that you need to enjoy a great day ‘hitting the shops.’ There are wonderful boutiques which boast unique products and excellent choices. You will likely be able to spend an endless amount of time just visiting a few of these beautiful boutiques so be sure to schedule plenty of time for Third Street South!

On a practical note, parking here is good, and you are also in easy access to the beach. Of course, all of that shopping sure does know how to work up an appetite so you will be glad to know that there is a wide choice of restaurants available to keep your energy levels high for your next bout of retail therapy!

Tin City Shops

If you are interested in local homemade novelties and antiques, Tin City Shops is the place to be. Even if this is not your particular interest, you may still find it an ideal option to buy gifs for the people you love as the shops here offer unique items that make a change from the typical vacation gifs we all tend to by!

Some of the items available here are crafts, clothes, wine, candles, and seashells. Of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Just a word of warning if you feel you would be interested in visiting Tin City Shops during your stay; due to the nature of the building it can get pretty warm inside! Just be sure to dress appropriately and make sure you stop for plenty if fluid breaks along the way; always a good excuse to rest your tired legs for a few moments before you continue on your shopping spree. Plus there are plenty of delicious food and drink available to give your taste buds a real treat!

Indeed, visiting Old Naples, Florida can be an ideal choice for either an extended vacation or even just a few days break away from the rat race. Whether you are a shopaholic who loves nothing better than to spend all day every day hitting the shops, or you enjoy a spot of retail therapy while you are away, Old Naples has precisely what you need.

The shops, stores and charming boutiques of Third South Street provide everything that you could need for a great day out, including wonderful lunch and dinner opportunities along the way. On the other hand, Tin City Shop offers a unique opportunity to purchase beautiful homemade crafts, antiques and visit an excellent wine shop.

Whether you take time for one or both of these excellent recommendations we wish you a wonderful time spent here in the fabulous location of Old Naples, Florida; a place that sure does know how to keep shoppers feeling happy, content and satisfied!