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Here we are on the twelfth edition of my series, The 2019-2020 Naples Real Estate Forecast. I’ll be talking about the Pelican Marsh Naples, Florida real estate forecast for 2019-2020 and what it means to you. Thinking about buying or selling Pelican Marsh real estate this year? Read on!

Buyers are smarter this year with increased evidence of hovering over Pelican Marsh neighborhoods. They’re waiting for either something new to hit the market at a good value or for a price adjustment that makes an impact. For example, 3 of the Pelican Marsh properties currently pending (37%) went under contract in less than 4 days of market time.

Some sellers are reluctant. 27 of the 55 Pelican Marsh properties currently on the market have experienced a price reduction in efforts to attract a buyer. 9 of these properties were reduced by less than 3% which typically doesn’t result in much additional buying traffic.

We see these types of reductions when sellers believe their properties are worth more than a typical buyer is willing to spend and also because agents either don’t know what it takes to sell a property or they’re simply grasping at straws.

In This Postpelican marsh naples

• Current Pelican Marsh inventory levels
• Projected inventory levels
• Comparison of last year’s inventory report
• How Agents Are Failing Pelican Marsh Owners
• What sellers can expect
• What buyers can expect

Pelican Marsh Inventory

  • Current – 6 months
  • Projected – 9 months
  • Last August report – 7 months

Pelican Marsh Fast Facts

  • The average list price/foot for active properties is 18% higher than the average sold per foot price.
  • Market time is up 29% compared to what sold during the past year.
  • The average sales price/foot is down 7.5% compared to a year ago.
  • List price to sales price ratio is up 1% to 95% compared to last year.


How Agents Are Failing Pelican Marsh Owners

  • Vacant Photos
  • Pre-Dated Decor
  • Terrible Photography
  • Dreadful Descriptions

Naples real estate buyers have become a “picture is with a million words” society. If your listing photos look like garbage, the success of your sale will be enormously impacted! No wonder the average total market time in Pelican Marsh is now at 244 days!

Vacant Propertiescheap international staging

How am I still seeing vacant properties in MLS? This is today’s version of marketing real estate with polaroid pictures!

  • NO! You do NOT have to go out and buy furniture to sell your home.
  • No! Do not hire an expensive stager to outfit your property.
  • YES! Hire an agent who knows how to expertly market your property.

Avoid agents who do not assist their clients in this capacity. Agents who do not provide marketing expertise are not performing to the best of this market’s ability.

Agents who hire cheap international digital artists do not pique the interest of the current Pelican Marsh buyer.

Our #1 job as listing agents is to attract buyers to your property! Hire an agent who actually knows how to do it.

Pre-Dated Decor

  • No! Do not spend $100,000’s of dollars updating your home to attract a buyer.
  • Yes! Your agent should know already know how to attract top value.
  • No! This does not have to cost $1,000’s of dollars and command your personal time.

Sometimes the biggest deterrent from selling your home is as easy as taking down a set of 30-year-old drapes. Perhaps it’s wisest to remove a 40-year-old rug. It costs nothing to change big personality and destructive elements in a photograph but these mistakes prevent an enormous amount of sales from happening every year.

Choose an agent who can expertly accomplish deleting destructive elements in your home to accomplish your real estate objective quickly and help you reap the highest reward at the closing table.

Terrible PhotographyBad Pelican Marsh Listing Photos

  • No! Do not list with an agent who still uses their phone to shoot your real estate photography.
  • No! Do not list with an agent who hires a poor photographer to handle your photoshoot.
  • Yes! Hire an agent who works with excellent photographers to market your property for the highest results.

If you look through the photography illustrating Pelican Marsh right now, you will be amazed at:

  • the number poorly lighted photos
  • disastrous composition
  • lack of photoshopping enhancements

Even if you have a fabulous Pelican Marsh home, it will not be presented professionally or accurately with terrible photography and will kill your showing traffic. This provokes longer market times and hurts your chances for the highest returns.

Excellent photography isn’t just for the wealthy! EVERY owner in Pelican Marsh deserves great professional photography!

Dreadful Descriptionsterrible description

  • No! Do not hire an agent who lacks the intelligence or desire to write interesting descriptions.
  • No! Do not list with somebody who fills the description with information found in other areas of the page.
  • Yes! Hire a creative consultant who can expertly describe your property and attract the highest amount of buyers.

Photos may be worth a million words but Pelican Marsh buyers still read. List with an agent who can point out benefits and features you wouldn’t see or know from photos or other listing details. This is how I attract ALL potential buyers and how real estate is sold in the lowest amount of time for the highest price.

BuyersEstates at Bay Colony

Happier days are here again now that there’s relief on pricing! Know you are not alone when it comes to purchasing great properties at great prices in Pelican Marsh. Your competition is reacting a little faster this year. The seas are clearly beginning to part between Pelican Marsh owners who are unrealistic and those who really want to accomplish a sale. This is not the year to hit snooze til Marsh and wait for after season deals because they can crop up at any time.

If you haven’t already signed-up for Pelican Marsh listing alerts in all of your favorite neighborhoods, do it today.

SellersMont Claire at Pelican Marsh

While you may be thinking you aren’t “in a hurry to sell”, smart sellers are going to recognize selling sooner than later is going to save them $1,000’s of dollars. Don’t get caught in the riptide of a depreciating market by choosing a haphazard advocate to help you sell your property. Avoid 200+ day market times and capture the absolute most on your bottom line by hiring an aggressive agent who capitalizes on a brilliant marketing strategy. Call me for details!

In Closing

That’s what I have to say about the Pelican Marsh real estate market. I hope you’re enjoying my series on the Naples Real Estate Market Forecast for 2019-2020. Call me if you’re thinking about selling your Pelican Marsh property and want an aggressive agent with some massive marketing acumen. If you’re ready to buy, give me a jingle! I’ll show you all the greatest properties and help you slice up a great deal!

Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!

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