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pelican marsh naplesThough most people will try to live at Pelican Marsh in Naples because of the fantastic golfing, others might be more interested in community activities. Not only can you participate with other people that will be part of the country club that is there, but You Can Also Dr. outside of Pelican Marsh Naples Fl and find many different things to do every day. If you are a retiree, few golfing communities can compare. This is not just because of the pristine location, but because of everything that you can do. Here are some of the outstanding Pelican Marsh Naples club and community amenities that come with living at this gated community.

Why So Many People Want To Live At Pelican Marsh

There are quite a few reasons why Pelican Marsh is one of the more popular gated golfing communities. First of all, it has an 18 hole 72 par golf course that has won many awards. Pro championships have been played on this course, and it has been recommended as one of the top destinations for people that enjoy the game. The membership fee is $45,000, and because of the limited number of members, choosing any time to play is usually very easy to do. This exclusivity makes it highly coveted, but there are also social events that you can participate in within the community, as long as you have paid the $9000 membership fee to get you in.

What About Activities Outside Of Pelican Marsh?

Outside of this gated community or numerous activities that you can experience. For example, if you are the type of person that likes to go to the beach, or go out on the water, you can find many group events that you can participate in. If you prefer fishing, there are chartered fishing boats that are going out every day. You can also learn to kayak, snorkel, and scuba dive if you want to. Other activities will be based on doors. You may be able to join clubs where you can interact with like-minded individuals. Since Naples itself is just a few minutes away, you can schedule a couple of different activities throughout the week where you can quickly drive there and interact with these groups that do so many fun things.

What Are The Best Activities To Do In Pelican Marsh?

The best activities are divided up into a couple of different categories. This will include outdoor activities, nature activities, and those that involve museums or similar locations. The outdoor activities tend to be the most numerous because of this region of Florida. However, you may want to go to the parks and do something there. For example, the Manatee is a very popular Marine mammal that people like to see. This will be an excellent excursion for both adults and children. There are fishing boat charters, paddleboard rentals, or you can go out on your own to the Naples Botanical Garden.

Once you have assessed all of the different activities that are in the area, you can start to put them in your schedule. Since all of them are very close by, you won’t have to worry about the commute time. It will be very easy for you to get to these locations. Whether you are fishing one day, and then scuba diving the next, you can always find time to try something new. Best of all, you will be at Pelican Marsh, one of the top destinations in all of Naples for exceptional living and outstanding housing units that you can purchase at a great price courtesy of a local realtor.