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The Village on Venetian BayIf you are one of the many fortunate people that lives at Pelican Marsh, you are well aware of why you enjoy this location. In addition to the outstanding housing options that are available, you have access to an award-winning golf course, and the luxurious golf club that is available for all members.

You can take scenic walks, enjoying the beautiful location which is situated on a thousand acres of pristine land. The tropical landscaping extends in all directions and is accessible to those that either owns a home or a condominium. There are multiple neighborhoods at this location, many of which will have available units if you don’t live there right now. One other benefit to living at Pelican Marsh is the outstanding shopping options that are available.

Where Can You Go Shopping Near Pelican Marsh?

Naples is a city that is well-known for having the best of everything. It’s not just the housing that attracts people, or the golf courses, but the outstanding shopping options that are available to all people. Whether you are a tourist driving through, or if you are a resident of this city, you can take advantage of many upscale shopping options. This will include The Waterside Shops, the Fifth Avenue area of downtown Naples, as well as The Village on Venetian Bay. If all you did were go to these locations, you would be able to find everything that you could need. Not only do they have great shopping in these areas, but you also have access to gourmet dining facilities, medical facilities, and there are five-star luxury hotels close to the Gulf of Mexico where family and friends can stay.

Why Would You Want To Purchase A Home At Pelican Marsh?

Although the shopping options are exceptional, you may wonder what else would motivate someone to live at Pelican Marsh condos for sale. Having easy access to upscale shopping options is fantastic, but you must have other reasons for living there. For some, it is the golf course which is an award-winning layout. PGA Tour’s have used this before. It has been nominated and has won awards because of how well designed it is. For others, it’s all about the natural beauty of this upscale golfing community that is positioned on a thousand pristine acres of tropical land. You will get to see outstanding pine, oak, and mangrove trees. You can also take in the beauty of the natural lakes in all directions. It’s simply good to know that you will have a wonderful place to live and also have great options for shopping when you need to do this throughout the week.

You can contact a local realtor that is listing homes at Pelican Marsh. They may have additional information about the available shopping options. Most of the realtors are well aware of what people are looking for based upon prior clients working with them. They can probably tell you about little-known locations in Naples where you can do some of your best shopping. Whether this is for groceries, clothing, or if you are getting school supplies for your kids, everything that you need will be there. Naples is very close to Pelican Marsh, allowing you to drive there any time that you want, and take advantage of all of the shopping options that are currently available. This may include the Tin City Shops, the Mercato and the very popular Coastland Center. Each of these destinations will have many different items to choose from, helping you to find exactly what you need, whatever that product or service might be.

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