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Today I’m going to take you on a prowl through Pine Ridge and what many consider to be our most luxurious bigger lot neighborhood. Acclaimed for lush small acreage tracts and conveniently located a couple of miles east from our glorious beaches, We’ll take a peek through the Pine Ridge real estate statistics and what’s in store for Pine Ridge going forward.

Pine Ridge Real Estate Statistics

  • Active -31
  • Pending – 4
  • Sold – 32
  • Days On Market – 154 Days
  • Average List/Sold Ratio – 91%
  • Shadow Inventory – 8

Pine Ridge Strengths

  • Stable inventory levels. (12 mo.)
  • 33% increase in sales compared to last year.
  • Sold price per square foot up 1% compared to the 12 mo. prior.

Pine Ridge Weaknesses

  • Market time up 40% compared to what sold this past year.
  • List price to sales price ratio off 2% compared to last year.
  • Inventory levels up 4 months compared to my report last January.

Why You Should Be Watching Pine Ridge Right Now!

12 Pine Ridge homes sold last year in September and October (38% of what sold this past year.) If you’re thinking Pine Ridge is the place you want to be, you need to do whatever you can to strike that deal now! If the same flurry happens this year, many buyers will lose out on their favorite and best-priced possibilities.

Pine Ridge BuyersPine Ridge-Naples-Florida

Do you see something you like but are hoping for a reduction before you strike? Sometimes the best way to get the best Pine Ridge home is to mosey up to the negotiating table! 10 out of the 32 sales this past year sold for more than 10% off list. 2 sold for more than 20% off list price. Only 1/3 of the homes on the market have made a reduction this year which means you may need to make the first approach or risk losing your favorite property.

You have some great negotiating points and a great selection of product including new construction and tear down possibilities if you want to build your own masterpiece!

I know of 2 incredible properties poised to hit the market soon that are worth calling me about if you’re in the market but you need to call me now!

Pine Ridge Owners

Based on the increase of market time and inventory levels, buyers aren’t as excited as some sellers are about the 18% increase in average price per foot compared to what sold during the past year. That’s likely why list price to sales price ratios are down 2% compared to last year and market time is up 40%.

Sure, pricing is a big factor but I’m also seeing some terrible marketing mistakes you can avoid which is causing the lengthy market times some of your neighbors are experiencing. Ask me how we sold our latest listing in just 70 days after it was marketed by the largest company in town for over 550 days without success!

Ok, this one is short and sweet but you’re mostly caught up on Pine Ridge. Don’t forget you can always sign up for Pine Ridge property notifications or If you want additional details, give me a jingle!

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