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Pine Ridge Naples, Florida, has been named one of the most desirable property investment destinations in the United States. The survey, which considered diverse factors such as investment quality, appreciation of value, crime, and others, looked at around 10,000 neighborhoods across the country. However, the attractions of the area are more numerous than might be apparent at first glance. For instance, multiple quality dining destinations are within easy reach of Pine Ridge. For those searching for a superior culinary experience, here are some of Shannon’s favorite choices to enjoy a meal in the area.

1. Capital Grille

Steak lovers unite! Capital Grille is one of Shannon’s favorite steak restaurants and one of her favorite happy hour locations. The exceptional staff rarely disappoints, and the bar is often full of vibrant and interesting people. If you’re celebrating something special, you can book a private room or dine al fresco on their patio. Her choice at the bar is the steak sliders. They are insanely delicious! Shannon is a “fillet girl,” so it’s her clear choice in the dining room. Try it “Oscar” style with the asparagus. Ridiculously delicious!

Pro Tips

  • If you’re aiming for a front seat at the bar during high season, you’ll want to arrive before 5:00. 
  • Make a reservation well in advance!
  • Dress to impress. 
  • If you are looking for less formal, hit Jimmy P’s Burgers and More in Piper’s Crossing for a fabulous steak in a more casual atmosphere.

2. AZN

AZN in Mercato is a great place to start an exciting night out if you’re planning on catching a movie or hitting one of our more vibrant nightlife locations like Blue Martini, The Pub, or Cavo. They offer an amazing menu of Asian Fusion options and a full bar. Shannon’s bar side goto is the volcano roll or pork dumplings. The surf and turf fried rice is a must-try for a fun meal out with friends.

Pro Tips

  • If you’re heading to Mercato during the peak season and the other restaurants are super busy, you can sometimes get lucky by finding a seat at the bar. The wait isn’t always as long here, which can make it ultra-convenient, especially if you’re trying to catch a movie.
  • It also might be easier to get a bigger table here than other Mercato options. Keep in mind it’s always advisable to plan ahead for bigger parties.

3. Bricktops

Arguably one of Shannon’s favorite restaurants close to Pine Ridge is Bricktops, located in Waterside Shops. A casual, vibrant bar is a great happy hour option, and their American flair food is exceptional. There are several specialty dishes Shannon enjoys, including the grilled California artichokes to start and the Chicken Milanese. If you haven’t tried the ribs, you can cut them with a fork, and they are absolutely delicious.

Pro Tips

  • If you really want a seat at the bar during the peak season, get there before 5:00.
  • Plan to valet during busy times or consider parking in front of Lilly Pulitzer for a short walk when the parking lot is full.
  • Try the peppermint ice cream Sunday. It will change your life. Hahaha.

Pine Ridge Naples, Florida, is not only the most desirable large tract development in Naples. – but the dining choices nearby make it even more of a fabulous lifestyle choice.