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When people talk about the most outstanding properties that are in Naples, Port Royal Naples FL will undoubtedly come up. These are exceptional homes, waterfront properties, that can cost upwards of $40 million or more. Some of these are extremely large, and the closer they are to the Gulf of Mexico, the more expensive they are going to be. Although these homes may not come up on the market frequently, when they do, you need to act as fast as possible. If you have a family, you should know a little bit about the schools that are in the area. You should also find out about activities that your kids can enjoy. This is a great place to raise a family, and here are a few of the best schools and activities that they can participate in.

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Why You Should Move To Port Royal Naples

There are two reasons why people enjoy this particular neighborhood. First of all, few places in West Florida have homes of this quality. It’s not just about the waterfront aspect of these houses. It is their design, layout, and the incredible amount of detail that went into their construction. The second reason is its proximity to schools for kids, shopping centers and also the many activities that they can do.

What Schools Are Near Port Royal Naples?

The schools that are close to including St. And School, Gulfview Middle School, and the Shadowlawn Elementary school. There is also the international learning Academy and the Guarding School of Naples that is close by. If those are not available, you can head north to the Methodist Day School, and there are also high schools and preschools nearby. Your children will be able to receive a quality education from any of the schools that are in this area.

What About Activities For Kids?

There are quite a few activities for kids in Naples. There is the Environmental Learning Center at Rookery Bay. They can learn about conservation at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center. If you like to take your kids to a park to learn a little bit about nature, Canbier Park is a great place to begin. There are places to go near the waters such as the Naples Pier. There is also the Naples Zoo and the Naples Botanical Garden. These activities will be enriching, allowing them to learn about the environment and nature, especially those things which pertain to this beautiful area of West Florida.

How To Secure A Home At Port Royal Naples

Most people tend to work with a real estate agent when they are searching for a home. They can set up appointments so that you can do a walk-through. If you do this regularly, you will eventually find a house that will likely be the right size and price. If you are purchasing a home at Port Royal Naples, the price is usually not a problem. However, it’s good to get a discount if possible. You might be able to negotiate something that is a couple of million dollars less. It never hurts to ask, and when you are working with a competent realtor, they can be the negotiator for you with these types of transactions.

Port Royal Naples could be the best place you have ever lived. If you have a yacht or boat, it’s even better. Few places in Naples are designed for the affluent as much as this community is. Find a realtor today that can walk you through the process of finding and eventually purchasing one of these outstanding waterfront homes in Naples Florida.