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If you reside in Naples, Florida and are a golfing enthusiast, you should consider visiting the town of Quail West which is found in the north of Naples for a game of golf.

Quail West homes for sale has two of the best golf courses in Naples. Each of the courses offers 18-hole courses. The classes are housed in the Quail West Golf, and Country Club started in 1992 by Arthur Hills. The two courses are uniquely and distinctly designed and created in such a way that the natural preserves and waterways are brought to the fore while still maintaining a challenging golfing experience.

While enjoying the unique golfing experience, you can gain access to the grand and private clubhouse, which is exquisitely and luxuriously furnished to accommodate the needs of residents and non-residents.

Names Of The Courses In Quail West

1. The Lakes Golf Course

This 18-hole course covers 7,041 yards. It was designed by Arthur Hills and restored by Drew Rogers. Across the course, you can expect to navigate shimmering lakes and marshy areas. This course is open to all golfers no matter their level of experience.

2. The Preserve Golf Course

This 18-hole course covers an entirety of 6,841 yards. It covers woodland areas and has recently been reconstructed to include new teeing regions, bunkering, and all-year-round green Bermuda grass. The course can be used by all levels of golfing professionals looking for a challenging golfing experience.

Quail West Golf And Country Club Membership Fees

Both the Lakes and Preserve golf course can be found at the Quail West Golf and Country Club. This is a private members club that has a maximum membership of 600 persons. Golfers looking to use the courses do not have to members of the country club. This means that individuals who are non-residents or non-members of the club can also play in these courses.

If you are looking to play golf as a member of the club, you should expect to part with a minimum of $90,000 for golf fees and an additional $13,380 for golf dues. You should also set aside $25,000 for social fees and $4,900 for social contributions.

The costs stated above are, however, subject to change by the management. This is because additional fees can crop up, especially if expenses attached to food and beverages are factored in.

Any payments to the golf club can be paid in cash, but credit cards are also accepted in the grounds of the club. Some of the cards that are allowed here include VISA, MasterCard, and Amex.

Additional Information On Golfing Courses In Quail West

If you are looking to improve your tee before starting a game, there is a training range available within the grounds of the country club. Here you can receive training from professionally trained PGA golfing professionals.

There is also a pro shop where you can buy golfing equipment. As a member of this exclusive golfing community, you can own your golfing cart or rent one from the club.

However, you have to bring along your caddie as the club does not have standby professionals for this work. You can, however, rent golfing clubs from the club but if you are looking for clubs to suit your tastes, you can always visit the pro shop.

The Quail West Golf Club does not have any specific golfing attire that should be won when playing golf, but it is best to dress in appropriate and acceptable golfing attire. Proper golfing shoes should also be worn. Shoes that have metal spikes are not accepted in the two courses.

Within the grounds of the Golf and Country Club, you can also expect to find lavish locker rooms for ladies and gentlemen, an indoor swimming pool, salon, spa, and fitness center. Other activities could be found here. For patrons who are partial to taking a drink at the end of 18-holes, there is the 19th Hole Sunset Bar found at the end of the Preserve Course when you can relax and take in the exquisite views of the course behind.

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