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One of the most exclusive, as well as highly coveted, places to live in Naples is called Royal Harbor. Located near East Naples, it has housing alongside Naples Bay, complete with waterside properties where you can park your boat and take it through Gordon Pass out into the Gulf of Mexico. For those that are not familiar with this area of Naples, waterside homes are some of the most popular. When you have access to the Gulf of Mexico via your boat which is just outside of your home, this is an excellent advantage over just having your boat or yacht at the marina. If you would be interested in moving here with your family, you may also be concerned about schools and the activities that your kids can do. This is a beautiful place to raise a family, and there will likely be one house that you will find appealing enough to consider purchasing this year.

Schools Near Royal Harbor In Naples

The schools that are near Royal Harbor Naples Fl will include New Beginnings, Beacon High School, and also East Naples Middle School. All of these are within a few minutes of most homes that are in Royal Harbor. They only have fully accredited exceptional teachers that will provide your children with a fantastic vacation. If you are interested in looking at homes, speaking with a local realtor is the first step of this process. You may also find listings on the web that look appealing to you and your family. If you do have a boat, and you would like to use it weekly, your kids will also enjoy that plus have access to fantastic educators that are at these nearby schools.

Activities For Kids And Adults Near Royal Harbor

Some of the activities that are close to Royal Harbor will involve excursions into the water, and also out into the wilderness areas around which many of these communities are built. There are freshwater lakes, forests, and swamps that they can go to. There will be tours, as well as educational trips, that they will be able to take. In regard to adult activity, there are restaurants, live entertainment, and a multitude of places to do shopping. It is the best of both worlds for both young people and adults. All of this is also very close to Royal Naples, allowing you to have your regular life at work, and then begin to do the many exciting things that this part of Naples can provide.

How To Get Information On Local Homes For Sale

As you sift through the listings online for homes that are at Royal Harbor, you will see several that will be within your price range. All of the homes in this community will have a boat dock, complete with a canal that will take you out to Naples Bay. Prices on homes here are in a million dollar range, usually more, but you are paying for not only the location but access to waterways. It’s an outstanding place to live, and by working with the right realtor, you will get the exact property that you need for a very affordable cost.

How Much Does It Cost For A Home On Average

An example of a home in Royal Harbor that is more expensive than the others would be a five bedroom, eight bathroom, 9000 square-foot home for right around $8 million. That would represent one of the more expensive ones that are currently listed. Others will drop down to just a few million dollars each. All of them are built with quality architecture, and you will almost always have an exceptional view of the Gulf of Mexico in the distance. Living in this community will be of benefit to both kids and adults because of the available activities.

If you are concerned about finding quality schools for your kids in Royal Harbor, you don’t have to worry about the education they will receive. Likewise, there are educational activities, as well as fun activities that kids can do, plus adults will be preoccupied with a multitude of events that are designed just for them. If you can live here, or if you at least 12, contacting a local realtor and speak with them about the current Royal Harbor property listings.