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Right across the waters of Naples Bay from Aqualane Shores and Old Naples is a location called Royal Harbor Naples. It is a community that has an assortment of waterfront properties, a place that was developed starting in the 1960s. There are a total of only 400 homes in this community, but it is not the number of homes that make this place unique. It is the access to Naples Bay, leading you out to the Gulf of Mexico, which is why people that live there purchase these properties. Similar to many other waterfront communities, you park your boat in front of your house once you are done. Instead of leaving your boat at the dock, it will be right outside, and there are many affordable homes that you may want to consider purchasing. You also get access to the nearby entertainment which will make purchasing a home in this community even better.

Why Royal Harbor Naples Homes Are So Popular

One of the reasons for its current level of popularity is because of recent changes and upgrades that have been made over the last decade or two. When you do by one of these properties, before you do this, make sure that the size of your boat will be small enough to go down the canals. You may notice that many brand-new homes have replaced older models. This has been done to improve the value of the entire area. It is because this community is on the east side of Naples Bay, that you will have quick access to nearby entertainment events in East Naples.

The Activities And Events That You Can Do In Naples

If you are the type of person that likes not only boats but also cars, they may have community car shows from time to time. As Easter approaches, you can plan a special day with your kids getting Easter eggs. These are just a few of the entertaining activities that the city will put on. For adults, popular singers often come through playing at different locations. Live entertainment, combined with night clubs or bars that might be in the area can give you something to do after you are home from work.

How To Evaluate And Choose One Of These Homes

The evaluation process is a subjective one. Each person is going to be different. You can choose homes based upon the total cost, proximity to the Naples Bay, or how large they are and what the layout is. For a single individual, the layout may not be that important. However, if you have kids, the layout is something very important. By setting up appointments to do walk-throughs, you can see how everything looks apart from the pictures on a real estate agent website. This might be why you decide to choose to live in this community.

How Much Do The Homes Cost And Royal Harbor?

The cost of the homes in this neighborhood can be as high as $8 million, whereas others will only be a couple of million dollars at best. The size of the homes can contribute to the price, but in most cases, it has to do with the design and where it is in the community. If you are fortunate enough to be very close to access to the Gulf of Mexico, these homes will be far more expensive. In addition to the location, the amount of money spent to make the homes must also be considered. As long as you have a couple of million dollars to spend, you will have a chance at getting one of these waterfront homes.

If owning a waterfront home is something you are thinking about, Royal Harbor in Naples is the place to be. Parking your boat out front, and also how luxurious the units are, will make this a very positive decision for most people. You will have access to all of the entertainment that is in this area of Naples, and if you have a membership program that you can join, you can save money. All of the entertaining events, combined with being able to park your boat outside of your home, are prime motivators for some people that decide to invest in Royal Harbor homes.

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