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It’s true; The Dunes is not just a community; it’s a lifestyle. Along with the extravagant home and setting, they also make sure to make your stay and living “extra” by hosting local events and entertainment in The Dunes Naples. Inevitably, you will never run out of social activity with all they have to offer.

There are different events suited for different types of people in the community throughout the year. The Dunes come up with various activities and happenings to entertain and promote camaraderie for everyone. Here are some events that we look forward to:

Holidays At The Dunes

Christmas, New Years and even Thanks-Giving, celebrate it The Dunes way! In every event, it is always extra-special with decorations, programs, and a sumptuous menu for everyone to enjoy. What is more interesting is that even local and international holidays are being celebrated, making members with different nationality and religion comfortable and respected.

One of the community’s favorite event to celebrate is the New Years Eve, where most of the members get to meet each other for a countdown celebration by the beach. The beach dining set up is plotted to have the best view for the firework display when the clock strikes 12. Good food and drinks flow through the night while everyone welcome and enjoy the new year with their family and loved ones.

Nights At The Tiki Bar

If you enjoy socializing and night-life by the beach, The Dunes Tiki Bar is a place for you! They have weekly Social Friday gathering with different guests and bands to entertain you throughout the night. They also held fun and themed events here such as Cinco-De-Mayo-All-Day-Specials, Memorial Day BBQ nights, and more. They even have a happy hour where you can BYOB or bring your beverage and even appetizer to share.

Events At The Plantation Club

The Plantation Club, also known as The Club at The Dunes, is where most gatherings take place. From private events like birthdays, weddings, and parties to community gathering like Halloween parties, Veterans day, Easter egg-hunting, and more. The Dunes make sure to celebrate every occasion possible to make their members stay worthwhile.

Exclusive Events And Entertainment

The Dunes members do not only have the privileged to access their private beach but also with exclusive events and fun activities. They have different clubs such as The Dunes golf club, tennis club, fitness club, and more who regularly conduct activities and gatherings. There are also other activities held such a health fair, private bazaars, beach parties, margarita parties, and many more!

Local Events And Festivals

Of course, The Dunes wouldn’t miss the local events and festivals everyone enjoys! One of the anticipated annual events is the 4th of July parade. It is widely celebrated in the entire country, and people from the community of The Dunes join the fun with their flags, cocktails, good food and fireworks display once the sun is down.

Another event that everyone is looking forward to every year is the seafood festival! Being close to the beach, everyone gets to enjoy and maximize the blissful event. Lots and lots of new and different varieties of seafood are being served. Fun activities, games, bazaars, and other entertainments are also enjoyed exclusively by The Dunes members.

There are many more activities that we do not get to mention here, but all we can conclude by far is that days and nights are never spent boring here. With all the local events and entertainment in The Dunes Naples has to offer, residents always have the chance to make friends with everyone, making the place more of a home than a luxury.