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Florida is well known as one of the premier destinations for both vacationers and property investors. The reasons are not very hard to fathom once one factor in the attractions of the state. Florida is not known as the ‘Sunshine State’ for nothing. With an average of 300 sun-drenched days per year and some of the best beaches in the country, it is a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoor life. The lure of boating and fishing on the Gulf of Mexico add to the attraction of the Florida lifestyle. Add to this fantastic entertainment and dining destinations, and Florida emerges as a destination of choice for those who want to enjoy fun in the sun – as well as enjoying long. Warm nights.

However, if there is one place that stands head and shoulders above the already attractive Florida lifestyle, it must be Naples. This town, in the Southwest of the State, is home to the second largest number of millionaires (per capita) of any location in the United States.

Given the attractiveness of the properties that are available in this corner of paradise, it is clear that those in search of a superior lifestyle make Naples their investment destination of choice for great reason.

Aside from the undeniable attractions of the canalside and beachfront properties available in Naples, there are also fabulous condo properties that are on the market – and none are more attractive than The Dunes condos for sale. This development of seven tower blocks continues to attract savvy property investors. Aside from the fabulous views over the Gulf and a variety of condo choices, there are other reasons for investors to call The Dunes home.

Firstly, for those with children of school going age, there are some great educational institutions within easy reach.

The first of these must be Naples High School. The school, which has been around since 1928 boasts eleven buildings and a soccer/football stadium. The exclusive nature of the school becomes apparent when one considers that the entire student body consists of only 1,700 students.

The Village School of Naples is another fantastic choice for those who are in search of a quality educational experience for their children who attend classes ranging from preschool through to grade 12. With a student to teacher ratio of 10:1, this is an educational institution that values a nurturing environment where individuals are as talented as the educational curriculum. The commitment to academics, athletic endeavors, and the performing arts are emphasized.

Another excellent choice for parents is Seagate Elementary School. The school offers a variety of options for learners, including an emphasis on nurturing the talents, skills, and potential of gifted learners.

There are numerous other specialized educational institutions available in the Naples area aimed at students with specific interests such as music and athletic endeavors.

However, it is not only the availability of educational institutions that makes Naples and The Dunes such an attractive choice. There are also activities like shopping centers in the surrounding area that will help foster not only a sense of family but also a sense of community.

Off course, give the pleasant climate in Naples the focus must be on the outdoors.

Families have the choice of merely enjoying collecting shells on one of the beautiful nearby beaches or visiting Naples Pier for a great day out. For those who want to explore further the attractions that Mother nature has provided in the Naples area exploration of the Everglades and the ‘Ten Thousand Islands’ region is highly recommended.

The Dunes is a beautiful condo development – and Naples a wonderful place to live and enjoy excellent family life. Become part of that lifestyle today.

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