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There are several choices in Naples for gated communities, ones that will have expensive homes. Many will also have beautiful golf courses that you can play on, limited to only a few that will have these highly coveted memberships. There is a location called Tiburon homes for sale that is near North Naples, a trendy place. Part of that reason has to do with the exclusivity of this location, and the outstanding homes and condominiums that you can purchase. Of interest of the golf courses that are there, both of which are highly praised. Let’s look at an overview of the Tiburon Naples golf courses and why you should consider moving there for the sole purpose of gaining access to these exceptional golf courses every day.

Golf Courses At Tiburon

One of the main reasons that these golf courses are talked about more than others is that professional golfer Greg Norman-designed them. A legend in the golfing industry, he was able to put his insight and experience into their design, a total of 36 holes on two golf courses that have minimal membership. There are only a total of 350 people that are allowed to play on the courses, which means you will likely be able to set any tee time that you want throughout the week. These are relatively new, opened up in 1998 and 2001, and have been featured in PGA tournaments.

The Gold Course

This golf course is lined with bunkers, made of Coquina shells. You have quite a bit of room to drive your ball down the fairways, but you must watch out for the 50 bunkers that are there. It is the less challenging of the two golf courses, designed for people that are beginners and intermediate. Despite this, it was the place for the annual PGA Franklin Templeton shootout and had also been hosting the LPGA tour.

The Black Course

This is the latest golf course. It was finalized in 2001. It is exceptionally difficult, full of hazards including bunkers, ponds, and lakes, and towering pine trees in all directions will surround you. The most challenging part of the course is the last hole which is a par five, featuring a dogleg right hole. If you can get this in three shots and get a birdie, many people will say that you are ready for professional play.

How Much Does It Cost To Play There?

The cost of playing there begins with the $60,000 full golf membership fee. There will be subsequent $10,000 annual dues. Since the number of memberships is limited, if you are lucky enough to get in, this will be one of your favorite places to play. If you would like to live there so you can play golf every morning, there are also a limited number of homes. There are a total of 650 total units, divided up between single-family homes and condominiums, ranging in price from half $1 million-$9 million, giving you a lot of leeway as to which home you decide to choose.

One of the best things about the Tiburon community is that it is based upon a Mediterranean-style as well as an amazing natural surroundings around it. Even the 27,000 square-foot clubhouses, featuring Sydney styled pubs and restaurants, will cater to people that enjoy luxury. You can also take part in yoga and Pilates. There is also a golf Academy their if you would like to learn how to improve your game. Between the Ritz-Carlton golf resort and the Tiburon golf club, you will never be bored every day that you are there. If your primary goal is to find a place to live in Naples that has exceptional golfing, you can’t go wrong with the Tiburon golf community. The Greg Norman courses will always be challenging, allowing you to feel confident about your investment.