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Hello Naples Friends!

I’ll be posting my annual forecasts for all of my favorite Naples Luxury real estate neighborhoods over the course of the next week so be on the lookout! Today, I’m covering the Aqualane Shore real estate forecast for 2019-2020.

In This Post:

  • Current Aqualane Shores inventory levels
  • Projected inventory levels
  • Comparison of last year’s inventory report
  • What sellers can expect
  • What buyers can expect

Fast Aqualane Shores Facts

• Current – 9 months
• Projected – 16 months
• Last August – 14 monthsDesign trends in Aqualane Shores

The after season months in Aqualane Shores proved to be a little quieter this year with only 2/3rds of the Aqualane Shores homes selling compared to last year during the same time. The real story is more about the 9 homes that punted off the market sometime after April 1 and are still off the market. While there’s no guarantee of all of them are re-entering, we will likely see a few repeat offenders this year. It could push inventories well over stable levels.

6 of the 15 homes have dropped their price from original offerings but statistically, I haven’t seen huge price reductions across the board in Collier County compared to a couple of years ago when Aqualane Shores was sitting on two years of inventory.

• Market time is up 28% compared to what sold during the past year.
• Sales volume is down 35% compared to last year.
• Sales price per foot is up 8% compared to last year. Say what?

Aqualane Shores new construction is about level right now when last year there was more than 2 years of new construction inventory. This may change but large chances are we’re going to see fewer offerings which is going to make new construction more interesting to those buyers who only want new and don’t want to go through the process themselves.

Selling Your Aqualane Shores Home?

Questions are swirling regarding the stock market, economy blah blah. I’m seeing reports from across the country about softening while others are trying to talk positively about lower interest rates. If you’re thinking about selling your Aqualane Shores home, you owe it to yourself to list with an agent who is agile. So many list and forget and then 600 days later they’re still fighting the good fight.

This is about the time owners start chasing the market down and without an agile agent to keep you ahead of the game, sometimes the chase gets exhausting and expensive.

If Aqualane Shores has jumped the shark, you’re going to want to sell sooner than later. Call me and find out why I have less than 50 days of average market time while still maintaining excellent list price to sales price ratios.

Buying an Aqualane Shores Home?Aqualane-Shores-new-construction-2

The top of the market is showing a few signs of accommodation compared to last year but price reductions this year aren’t as popular as years past. This is causing the increase in market time but smart buyers are going for it and as a result, the average list price to sales price ratio is down 1% compared to the average last year.

If you think a home in Aqualane Shores is priced too high but you like it, call me and let’s see if we can get your deal.

More than half of the owners who sold during the past year were willing to negotiate under the average list price to sales price ratio with one owner giving up more than 15% off list. It means everything to have a smart negotiating strategy. I can prepare one for you!

Last year I spoke about how a market like this can stall. Check out what I said in last year’s post. Here we are today with 28% more market time. Tada! This stall can strengthen your buying position and make it easier for you to strike your deal anytime during the season but know there are about two weeks left of summer discounting (more if we have an active weather season and continued economy issues.)

Don’t forget, next year is an election year which can have a tendency to freak people out making it easier for real buyers to be taken seriously and rewarded with amicable accommodation.

You have time on your side (unless you’re considering new construction) but ultimately, you should be making your presence known in the form of a compelling offer. Buyers who do this are usually in the first place when the seller decides to be more accommodating. Sometimes the seller will show surprising accommodation at the table which can definitely be worth sticking your toe in.

If you’re thinking about buying a new home in Aqualane Shores, there are only 3 on the market right now and that may not change much this year. If I were you, I’d get on that before they’re gone. You may risk having to do it yourself or punting out until more availability shows up and who wants to be a victim to somebody else’s enthusiasm to build a spec home.

More inventory will hit the market starting sometime next quarter. Your smartest bet is to sign up for Aqualane Shores new property notifications or calling me directly!

I hope you enjoyed my Aqualane Shore real estate forecast for the 2019-2020 selling season. Give me a jingle when you’re ready for some responsive and intelligent real estate service!

Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!