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Collier’s Reserve Forecast Season 2022-2023

Hello Golf Enthusiasts,
Today I’m covering a “boutique golfing community” tucked out of sight in North Naples off Immokalee Road called Collier’s Reserve. This is a small golf course community with only 224 homes. You almost need a secret handshake to know about it due to its size and the fact there is virtually no road presence on any main thoroughfare. This marks the fourth edition of my 2022-2023 Naples real estate forecasts for all of my favorite Naples neighborhoods. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote my Bay Colony Forecast. Today, I’ll explain the real estate market, where it might be headed, and what it means to you if you plan on buying or selling this year. Here’s my Collier’s Reserve Forecast for Season 2022-2023.

In This Post:

Collier's Reserve Real Estate Forecast
Collier’s Reserve Naples, Florida

• The One Big Talking Point
• Current Colliers Reserve Market Statistics
• Projected Inventory Levels
• Comparison of past inventory reports
• What to expect

The One Big Talking Point

Collier’s Reserve has the same problem as Bay Colony: no inventory exists. Buyer’s agents were forced to reach out to owners to uncover potential sellers and successfully did so only twice during the past year. The most enthusiastic Collier’s Reserve buyer will find themselves in a troublesome situation. Especially those who don’t want to do a great deal of updating. Most Collier’s Reserve homes that hit the market are due for a facelift.

If you like projects, ask me for the Proposed Design Review Guidelines.

Current Collier’s Reserve Stats

Current Inventory – 0
In my Naples Real Estate Inventory Report on June 21st, Collier’s Reserve had two months of inventory, compared to no inventory reported last November. Today, there is no inventory again.

Here are the details:

Collier’s Reserve Golf Course

May Closings
2021 – 0
2022 – 1
June Closings
2021 – 0
2022 – 0
July – Closings
2021 – 2
2022 – 2
August Closings
2021 – 1
2022 – 2 (Projected)

There were only three sales in Collier’s Reserve last May through August compared to 5 (projected) sales during the same time this year. There’s usually a handful or two offerings throughout the year. While it’s certainly busier during the season, we still see a fair amount of traffic during the summer months on normal years.

The Collier’s Reserve market moves differently than the bigger golf communities. With only 224 homes, Collier’s Reserve often gets overlooked due to the number of resident cheerleaders in the community. That’s a relatively small voice compared to an area like Grey Oaks or Pelican Bay.

Projected Inventory Levels

There is no shadow inventory in Collier’s Reserve, meaning buyers will be in a holding pattern this year.

What To Expect


With pent-up demand mounting, it’s probably best you hit the open market this year instead of accepting a contract from a buyer’s agent without at least trying first. Even if that unsolicited offer looks like a good deal, you should at least reach out to a third-party agent to verify the market value of your home before signing the dotted line. High numbers are expected in areas like Collier’s Reserve, so if you want to capitalize on your investment, those second opinions could shed some very lucrative light on what you can accomplish.


Aggressive buyers will search for agents with inside intelligence that can help them uncover prospective sellers. Don’t be surprised if you see properties hit the market and shortly pend contract for this reason. While Collier’s Reserve can normally be a place where you can get a good price per square foot deal, that will likely be harder this year, especially if inventories continue to be obsolete. You might consider areas like Audubon and Pelican Marsh as viable options if your patience grows thin or you don’t want to bloody knuckle compete with others hoping to gain access to the development. Also, be p

  1. Be on the lookout for overpriced listings. Inevitably, a seller will think their property is worth way more than it is. Their stubbornness could be an opportunity for you if the property builds market time without garnering a ready, willing, and able buyer. Acclimating a seller to a realistic value without buyers willing to pay overvalued prices can take enormous time. It helps when a few things fall into place. No showings, lots of showings and no offers, and several low offers can all help coax an unrealistic seller into realizing they aren’t going to get their price. Pre-negotiations and consistent follow-up can help you win the property, provided your timing is right.
  2. Have your financial affairs in order. While few sellers in Collier’s Reserve will allow for a mortgage contingency, you’ll do better if you already have your ducks in a row! Talk with your financial people first.
  3. Need quality vendors? I have a full list of everybody you need to do a full remodel or a simple repair.

Most Collier’s Reserve inventory will hit the market this preseason which begins in October. Keep your eyes open for the second half of September through the first couple of weeks in October and January 2023.

I hope you enjoyed my Collier’s Reserve Forecast For Season 2022-2023. If you have any questions or if I can assist you further, please shoot me a text, call, or email.

Best Regards,
Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!

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