Naples Real Estate Inventory Report 11.4.21

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Naples Real Estate Inventory Report 11.4.21

Hello Naples Friends! I just researched 19 Naples luxury markets to help you understand market conditions. Low inventories are old news and we know markets shift all the time. I have very welcome news for buyers this year as I see only five Naples luxury neighborhoods showing the same tough conditions as we experienced last year. Take a peek at my Naples real estate inventory report listed below for helpful hints on how the markets are moving!

Aqualane Shores Naples, Florida
Naples real estate inventory – Aqualane Shores

Aqualane Shores

  • Active – 8
  • Pending – 6
  • Sold (12 mo.) – 58

There are 1.65 months of inventory in Aqualane Shores with an average market time of 122 days. A neighborhood that used to take three million to break in now takes north of five million. Here’s some good news! Some of those crazy prices are starting to come down after spending a little time on the market! Keep your eyes peeled for motivated sellers! Some sellers will be slow to react but others are on top of their game and will not want to waste time attracting your attention! Sellers can be over-optimistic here which means they may not reduce their price. That means you can go in with a less than full-price offer and have a slightly smaller risk of being rejected. The last property to sell in Aqualane didn’t sell for the full list price even though it went under contract the first day on the market. It’s looking up for buyers here!

Audubon Naples Florida


  • Active – 4
  • Pending – 1
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 61

There are .78 months of inventory available in Audubon Country Club today. What sold last year in the $300’s is now refreshed and available for nearly $2,000,000 and what was once listed in the $8,000,000’s is now in the 7’s. There’s a really pretty home in Audubon right now! If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out! There’s evidence of some price adjustments going down suggesting owners may be a little more motivated than it appears on paper. Watch market times! If sellers don’t get the response they expected, that could help you build some negotiating strength. 

Bay Colony Naples Florida

Bay Colony

  • Active – 5
  • Pending – 6
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 94

.63 months of inventory are available in Bay Colony today and only one of those is a high-rise condo. It turns out those people who were suggesting Covid was going to kill the condo market were wrong! It takes nearly $5,000,000 to sneak into this market or does it? The lowest-priced property has been on the market now for 78 days! You can expect better-priced products to go quickly (same day). Keep your eyes peeled for new listings and potential price reductions if properties sit on the market longer than expected. You can always get a jump on it by offering a lower price if the property has been on the market for a while. You’ll have some good negotiating points but don’t be surprised if you bump into an overconfident seller in Bay Colony. This is still not the time for silly offers but there is some relief!

Collier's Reserve in Naples, Florida
Naples real estate inventory Collier’s Reserve

Collier’s Reserve

  • Active – 0
  • Pending – 3
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 20

Zero inventory proves when properties don’t appreciate greatly in a hot market, they continue to have traction in the slightest of cooling periods. All three new offerings went under contract in under 6 days of market time. Buyers, keep your eyes peeled here for more affordable options than what you’ll find in areas like Audubon and Pelican Marsh. Lower-priced golf course homes are very popular right now judging by inventory levels in similarly priced locations. Collier’s Reserve is a great location for people who are looking to acclimate quickly within a club atmosphere.

Coquina Sands Naples Florida

Coquina Sands

  • Active – 8
  • Pending – 5
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 59

1.62 months of inventory on the market in Coquina Sands with no condos available! This condo market blew up after the news of Four Season’s taking over the Naples Beach and Golf Hotel. Evidence of new listings hitting the market at lower prices than current listings that haven’t procured a contract has also been noted. I also see a couple of listings that are priced extraordinarily higher than they should be. This is customary during active markets like this one. These listings will either reduce to realistic levels or disappear off the market.

Grey Oaks Naples, Florida home with outdoor pool

Grey Oaks

  • Active – 6
  • Pending – 11
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 99

Grey Oaks has .72 months of inventory today and is still showing signs of a highly active market. This is to be expected since it continues to be the most popular luxury golf course community in town. Of those pending, 3 procured a contract during the first day on the market which means if you want to be next, you’ll need to act fast and make a big statement when you present an offer. Aggressive flipping is taking place here. If you don’t want to do any heavy lifting on big remodeling, there are a couple of options for you but they want big prices in exchange for their efforts. If you’re looking for discounts, you might be better served in areas like Quail West.

Mediterra Homes


  • Active – 10
  • Pending – 5
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 125

.96 months of inventory is available in Mediterra. Historically, a golf club with a location like Mediterra will slow down first compared to golf course communities located closer to the beach. This area also tends to take longer to heat up. About 20% of the active market has already discounted their price. Market times are double compared to what is pending suggesting current buyers don’t like the prices. If you want to buy here, I wouldn’t wait for documented reductions. That’s what everybody does and you don’t want to compete. Instead, make intelligent offers for less than asking. Mediterra sellers expect all their money so you’ll want to have a well-defined negotiating strategy behind your offer price. Some will listen and respond favorably. Some will be mad. Ask me about the best way to go about this.

Moorings Naples Florida
Naples real estate inventory Moorings


  • Active – 19
  • Pending – 44
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 323

.7 months of inventory after extreme speculation on the Four Seasons project occurred in Moorings as well. I’m seeing the relief in the form of higher market times currently sitting at 116 days for active listings. Pending days on market is at 46 days suggesting we may have reached peak pricing here too. 13 of the 44 properties pending went under contract during the first 3 days of market time which means everybody is still watching closely for reasonably priced properties to hit the market. I see lots of price increases here and only one price reduction so far. This is likely due to the fact this neighborhood heats up considerably during the peak season. It might be worth your time to see some properties and see who would be a little flexible to get it sold by the end of the year. There’s gotta be a taker or two!

Naples Cay Florida

Naples Cay

  • Active – 2
  • Pending – 3
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 28

.85 months of inventory exist in Naples Cay where buyers seem to be decently reactive to attractively priced properties. Coincidently, anything listed more than 60 days during the past year was discounted at the closing table with the exception of one. Keep your eyes on market times and don’t be afraid to have your agent strike up a motivation conversation if you see something you like. There’s a skill for this so ask me how to do it without making the seller mad. Sellers here don’t get too excited to make documented price reductions but they’ll talk different numbers behind closed doors provided you approach them appropriately. 

Olde Naples Beachfront

Old Naples

  • Active – 44
  • Pending – 42
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 328

1.61 months of inventory is available in Olde Naples. Out of all that inventory, there are only 4 properties that have reduced their price and 15 that have increased their price. Those price increases are new construction. Active market time is higher resting today at 127 days as opposed to pending market time at  85 days and closed market time at 115 days. It’s been a LONG TIME since I’ve seen that. Get a jump on this market by striking now with sound negotiation strategies. Ask me more about how to go about it!

Aria at Park Shore
Naples real estate inventory Park Shore

Park Shore

  • Active – 29
  • Pending – 44
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 427

.81 month of inventory in Park Shore. 5 price increases and 2 decreases tell me owners and listing agents didn’t get the slower market memo. Active days on market is 69 days while pending market time is 39 days and closed sales market time is 121 days. This tells me current buyers are balking at current pricing. This is opportunity time for you buyers! More than half the market is sitting with less than 60 days of market time. We know in that group of 29 listings, somebody expected a faster sale and is starting to question their list price. Most buyers will wait for an offer before reducing and most sellers will wait for an offer before they reduce. This market could go either way depending on how uncomfortable our friends up north get during the winter season. It’s time for some negotiation strategies here before it becomes apparent. Ask me how I can help!

Pelican Bay Beach

Pelican Bay

  • Active – 19
  • Pending – 50
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 601

.37 months of inventory in Pelican Bay. Despite the ridiculous inventory shortage, there are still signs of relief hitting Pelican Bay with two documented reductions and an average active market time now at 90 days. Pending market time is only at 25 days with 26% of the pending market procuring an acceptable offer within 3 days of market time. This tells me Pelican Bay buyers are ready to strike provided numbers make sense. We desperately need listings in the under one million price range and now is the exact time you want to hit the market. The lowest-priced property currently available is $1,275,000 for a retirement community unit and $1,385,000 for a regular listing. I have never seen the inventory on the low end so scarce. If you see something you like and you feel it’s priced high, has it been sitting a while? The owners might talk with you provided you have sound negotiating points. Ask me how to do this! Waiting for impactful reductions will only put you back in competitions this year and many buyers don’t like to do it.

Pelican Marsh Naples Florida

Pelican Marsh

  • Active – 2
  • Pending – 15
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 223

.10 months of inventory in Pelican Marsh coming off their busy time of year is quite amazing. Pelican Marsh tends to trend higher during off-peak season months and this year is no different. Nearly half of the pending market went under contract within 3 days which means buyers are ready to pounce for smaller inventory. Competitions are still pretty fierce here! You need to be on your toes and expect to compete for the immediate future or perhaps, check out Audubon or Pelican Bay for other options.

Pine Ridge Naples Florida

Pine Ridge

  • Active – 8
  • Pending – 8
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 81

1.18 months of inventory in Pine Ridge with one active property marketing a reduced price and another with a price increase. The average active market time is sitting at 136 days or nearly level with the 12 months closed sale average of 138 days. Pending days on market is 50 days suggesting if owners price their properties well, they should sell within a reasonably short period of time. Half the active market is 100+ days on the market which means this area is teetering right between more reductions or more accommodation at the negotiating table. Smart sellers here will negotiate while those who fail to be flexible won’t. There are already some opportunities here but you’ll want the assistance of a smart negotiator on your team to help you.

Port Royal Naples Florida
Naples real estate inventory Port Royal

Port Royal

  • Active – 7
  • Pending – 6
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 65

Statistics show 1.29 months of inventory in Port Royal with one active listing priced less than the original marketed value. There’s also one marketing at a higher value fully illustrating nobody really knows which way the market in Port Royal is headed. With an average live active time at 128 days and a pending market time at 58 days, it might be shifting a little. The latest Port Royal home to sell shaved nearly 2.5 million off their price after sitting on the market for 59 days. Many sellers don’t like the idea of reducing their price which could make it challenging for buyers to find motivated sellers. While we’re here let’s define “motivated.” For those of you who are anxious to come in at ridiculous pricing, it’s not your turn yet. For those of you who are not interested in paying full price, it is your turn depending on the property. Call me to discuss your objectives and let’s see if they’re going to be accomplishable this year.

Quail West Naples Florida

Quail West

  • Active – 6
  • Pending – 11
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 89

.80 months of inventory is currently available in Quail West. On that surface, they’re doing slightly better than Mediterra and not as good as Grey Oaks. Active market time is 109 days. Pending market time is 66 while sold average market time is 141 days. Four of the last 5 closed sales sold within 3 days of market time or less and sold at or over the full list price. There may still be a few more of those types of sales to hit the books but some of those pending market days look like perhaps some discounting may have taken place. Watch the market time here and for some more discounts in the near future. It might not be a bad time to develop your intelligent negotiation strategy too.

Royal Harbor Naples Florida

Royal Harbor

  • Active – 9
  • Pending – 7
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 48

2.25 months of inventory exist in Royal Harbor. Active days on market are at 67 on average with only 28 days average for pending properties. It’s still lower than 75 days (the current average for sold properties for the past year). Two of the seven pending properties sold within the same day of hitting the market. In fact, one looks like it may have sold off-market and then was added to MLS. The rest of the actives have been kind of sitting there for as long as 137 days or 27 days when you look at the high and low time frames. One listing has already reduced suggesting they might want to sell sooner or later. 

Tiburon Naples Florida


  • Active – 1
  • Pending – 7
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 81

.14 months of inventory are available in Tiburon. There is hardly anything to talk about considering there’s only one listing. It’s still tough here. The most typical jump-off for Tiburon is Pelican Marsh but there is less inventory there. You might try Audubon or Pelican Bay as an alternative.

Bay Shores at Vanderbilt Beach

Vanderbilt Beach

  • Active – 15
  • Pending – 18
  • Sold – (12 mo.) 254

.71 months of inventory exist in Vanderbilt Beach today. The average market time for active inventory is 90 days or double compared to those currently pending. There are three documented reductions here suggesting a couple of these folks would like to accomplish their selling objectives by the end of the year. Only two of the last five documented sales closed for more than the list price suggesting we’re going to see more accommodations this year. 

Conclusion About The Naples Real Estate Inventory Report

In short, there are still a few areas with flaming hot interest and inventories are challenging but outside of that, there are opportunities which is going to make for more favorable conditions as we continue through pre-season. If it were my money, I’d strike now if something I liked hit the market. Consider those year-end deals that come up from time to time and start 2022 off with a sub-tropical bang! If your area is located inside a flaming hot market, stay on your toes and reach out to me so I can put you on my first notification list! I hope you enjoyed my Naples real estate inventory report. If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA

Your Naples Smart Girl!


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