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If you do any shopping in the city of Naples, you know that they only offer the best. Whether these are small shops that have particular types of items, or if you go to a local shopping center to get groceries, you will always have an excellent experience. It is a city that is designed for the affluent, individuals that like to own the best. That’s precisely what you get when you obtain a home at Grey Oaks real estate in Naples, one of the most well-known of all of the golfing communities on the West Coast of Florida. If you move there, you need to know that you will have quick access to places you can go shopping, of which there are many places.

Where Can You Go Shopping That Is Close To Grey Oaks

For those that live in Naples, there is one destination that many people are aware of. If you want the finest items, and you are not concerned about price, The Village Shops on Venetian Bay is the place to go. There is a multitude of places that you can get virtually any item that you want to. There is also the Publix Super Market and shopping center. Oakes Farms Market is another great place to visit. Champs Sports is perfect for those that are looking for athletic footwear. All of this is just minutes away from the Grey Oaks golfing community, a place that you might want to consider as your new place to live.

Why Would You Want To Own A Home At Grey Oaks?

The reasons for living there are numerous. For example, you will get access to a gated community that is beautifully designed. There are lakes and waterways, as well as the beautiful trees all around you. You also have access to three golf courses that are both difficult and beautiful by design. The clubhouses are very nice, each of which will have their unique style, with the largest being over 60,000 ft.². In addition to all of this, you can take part in the social activities that are at the clubhouses, and when you are done, you can drive to local restaurants and shops in just minutes.

Are There Very Many Homes For Sale At Grey Oaks?

For those that already live there, it may seem as if it was straightforward to get in. However, that’s usually not the case. They may have forgotten how few homes and condominiums come up for sale, and when they do, you need to act quickly. Local realtors are constantly listing homes that are for sale at this golf community, and the prices tend to be extremely high. Although there are about a thousand homes there, just a few of them come on the market from time to time, priced as high as $9 million each. If you want to gain access to social activities, or play golf consistently, they have memberships that you can pay for. They do limit the number of members that can play on the golf course, so if you can get in, you should confirm this right away.

The realtors that sell homes in the Grey Oaks golfing community can set appointments for you, allowing you to do a walk-through. While you are driving in, you will instantly understand why this is a popular place. You may even get to play a game of golf if you know someone that lives there. Of all of the areas in Florida that you could live, especially on the West Coast, few are as exceptional as this destination. Grey Oaks is a fantastic place to live, designed for not only retirees but anyone that enjoys quality living.