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Is Pelican Bay A Safe Place To Live?

Perusing online I noticed lots of discrepancies from data gathering websites regarding crime statistics in Pelican Bay Naples, Florida. I’m here to set the record straight not only as a Pelican Bay REALTOR but also as a Pelican Bay resident who has lived here since 2006. I can’t recall a time when I thought my safety was in danger in Pelican Bay. 

Is Pelican Bay Gated?

Pelican Bay Gate
Pelican Bay Gate

Many people question if Pelican Bay in Naples is gated. The entire development of Pelican Bay is NOT gated but there are 40 communities within Pelican Bay that are gated. Non-gated communities that don’t offer a gated entry may also have some level of secured entrance. The gated subdivisions within Pelican Bay may be manned 24 hours per day. Some gated communities have a sensor or offer code accessibility. If you have specific requirements regarding the level of security you desire, contact Shannon today to get assistance. 

What Are The Crime Rates in Pelican Bay?

Some data-driven websites like to group Pelican Bay into the 34108 area code to describe crime rates in Pelican Bay. That would be similar to grouping Beverly Hills with Los Angeles or Manhattan with Brooklyn statistics. Pelican Bay may share the same area code with communities outside of the development but those communities are not the same.

What is the Most Common Crime in Pelican Bay?

The most common crime in Pelican Bay is theft. Many of our residents and visitors feel a massive sense of security and as a result, lots of people act carelessly with their possessions. Every so often residents receives notices regarding “a recent increase in car break-ins.” This is largely due to people leaving valuables in plain sight. Some folks are robbed because they don’t lock their car doors. One lady lost her entire jewelry collection because she left it in her car overnight. The greatest advice I can offer is to exercise some common sense.
Over the years we’ve heard numerous stories of how people were robbed after they left their unlocked homes and went to dinner only to come back to find themselves a victim.
A residence or car is not the only place where residents and visitors can fall victim. Please carry your valuables with you while you’re on the beach. While private access to our Pelican Bay Beach Clubs is available, there are no private beaches in the State of Florida. People can and do walk all the way from the Vanderbilt Beach public access point down to the tip of Clam Pass. Unattended designer bags, expensive cameras, and phones are easy to pick up. If you’re headed for the bar or a stroll, take it with you or leave it at home.

Is Pelican Bay A Safe Place To Live For Seniors?

Marbella Pelican Bay Naples, Florida
Marbella at Pelican Bay

For our prospective senior residents, Pelican Bay offers two senior care communities in Pelican Bay.

The Glenview offers an onsite health care facility for those who require additional assistance and rehabilitation.

The Marbella at Pelican Bay is a high-rise building with an onsite care facility that offers a wide assortment of activities, amenities, and dining options.

What Emergency Services Are Available In Pelican Bay?

Collier County Sheriff’s Department 239-252-9100 (non-emergency) 911 (emergency) Pelican Bay residents are fortunate to have a Collier County Sheriff’s Department bordering the north parameter of the neighborhood making response times ultra fast. For more information about crime statistics, please contact them on their non-emergency number.

The North Collier Fire Department  239-597-3222 (non-emergency) is also located on the North side of Pelican Bay.

NCH Immediate Care 239-624-8220 For minor emergency assistance, this facility also borders the North side of Pelican Bay on Vanderbilt Beach Rd. located in the Pavillion shopping center parking lot.

For more information about Pelican Bay contact Shannon today!

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