Pelican Bay Sales

There have been 629 Pelican Bay sales during the past 2 years. There are some locations performing better than others with little to no inventory while others are starting to show an oversupply. The best time to purchase in now through August with negotiations tightening starting as early as September.

Here are the basic Pelican Bay sales statistics:

  • Average market time: 100 days.
  • Average list price per foot: $531
  • Average sold price per foot: $502
  • The current list price to sales to sales price ratio: 94%

Here are the Pelican Bay sales for the past 2 years.

Pelican Bay Sales 6.12.18

This Pelican Bay report was created on 6/12/18 for the most recent Pelican Bay sales information, follow my Pelican Bay updates or contact me directly.

Pelican Bay Information

Past Sales In Pelican Bay Naples, Florida

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