Historical Sales In Surfsedge at Park Shore

The Most Notable Sale

As of January 16, 2024, the most notable Surfsedge sale occurred in May 2021 when #906 was sold unfurnished for $1,525,000, or $25,000 less than the full list price after three days on the market. The unit showed signs of some improvements but would not have been considered a cutting-edge renovation. A John R. Wood agent sold this condominium to a buyer who did not need a loan contingency and could have paid cash for the property.

Breaking The Record

The record could be broken at Surfsedge provided a remodeled condo located on a floor with a good view were to hit the market during similar market conditions as the current record holder. An attractive furniture package and quality of the finishes may be able to break a record during lessor market strength.

The Best Deal In Surfsedge

The least expensive Surfsedge unit sold in September 1997 for $187,000. #202 was offered unfurnished and took 218 days to sell at a $9,000 discount. This unit had not been renovated.

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