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schools near Pelican Marsh NaplesThe golfing community of Pelican Marsh is one of the top rated locations in all of Naples. It is a wonderful place to raise a family. If you have a small family, and you would like to move into this community, one of your priorities will be to find out about the local schools that are nearby. Additionally, your children will need to have activities that they can participate in, typically in a group setting, where they can expand their awareness of the area and learn things they had never known before. You want this to be an excellent experience for your kids, as well as you and your significant other. Let’s look at the schools and activities that are near Pelican Marsh homes for sale.

Where Is Pelican Marsh Located In Naples?

If you have been to Naples before, you know that it is a large area, situated on the West Coast of Florida. Some of the communities that are there are adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. Pelican Marsh is close by, no more than a few minutes drive away. It is in North Naples, close to Naples Park, and you will have access to excellent golf courses, restaurants, and many other businesses. It’s also just a short drive from Naples so that you can always go into the city without having to drive too far in this pristine area of the state.

Schools Near Pelican Marsh

When you do a quick search for schools that are near Pelican Marsh, you will find a multitude of them in this area. They will have preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Everything that you will need will only be a few minutes drive from this location. If you have children that are between the ages of 6 and 12, Naples Park Elementary School is an excellent place for your kids to get an education. If you have older kids, there is the North Naples Middle School, and there is a high school that is not too far away. There are specialty schools as well such as Grace Community school, and also the Little People’s School which is no more than a few minute’s drive. Once you have called up the schools to see about enrollment, it will likely be after you have found individual ratings for each of the schools to make sure that your children will receive a proper education.

Activities That Are Near Pelican Marsh

Another benefit of living in this area of Naples is all of the available activities. This will include the Naples Zoo, the Arts complex, and the many state parks that go up and down the coast. You should be able to take them to sanctuaries, parks, and get them to join different group activities. Your kids can learn how to kayak, snorkel, or learn about the different trees that are in this area of Florida. They will always have something to do, and if you plan this accordingly, right after school, they can go straight to these activities within minutes. There will also be activities on the weekends that will be beneficial for your kids. It is a beautiful place to raise children regardless of their age. Shopping centers are also awesome in this community.

One of the best aspects of this golfing community is that it has nearly 2000 homes that you can choose from. Only a few of them will be available at any given time, but because of the multitude of them, you will often have many choices. Working with a reputable realtor can help you find one quickly. They can also help negotiate the price with the seller. It will take a little bit of time, but you will eventually have one of the nicest homes or condominiums in Pelican Marsh, a great vacation to live if you are the raising a family.

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