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Naples, Florida and the nearby town of Pine Ridge are set along the warm seas of the Gulf of Mexico. Since the Gulf is very calm and that side of Florida even more relaxed, this is a great place to enjoy the ocean with the many places to swim, kayak, fish, and snorkel.

There are many events and activities in and around the area, some are daily, and others just once per year, but there is plenty to do every day. Here are only a few of the most popular things to do in the Pine Ridge Naples FL.

If You Like To Fish

The most popular place to fish is always going to be off of the historic Naples Pier. There you’ll find dozens of daily fisherman that are there every time you go. Then there will be some tourists trying their hand at landing the big one too. It’s fun to watch, and there are plenty of sightings of dolphins off the pier as well. There are lots of great places to grab a bite to eat nearby, both formal and street carts. However, you choose.

If fishing off the pier isn’t really what you had in mind, there are also lots of Deep Sea Fishing charters that can be found at the nearby docks. They will have brochures at all of the hotels with their prices and amenities, that’s the best place to start. Many of them are booked up days in advance, so call them on the phone first before you head to their office.

Naples Craft Beer Fest

Craft beer is the only beer that many people will drink these days, and there are some great breweries in Florida. Since it’s always warm in Florida, and there are plenty of tourists, there is a need for lots of beer as well. The Naples Craft Beer Festival is sponsored by the local Rotary Club and showcases breweries from all across the United States. In addition to hundreds of great tasting brews, nearly every local restaurant also has a stand there too. Great care is taken to match the right food with the right beer, and it shows.

You’ll find the Beer Fest usually on the first Saturday of March, but check each year to make sure. An entrance fee covers a sample at many booths, and the mug is part of the admission price. It’s located at the Bayfront, Naples.

Naples Art And Craft Fair

Naples has its art district that has about 36 different galleries in the downtown area. They band together and have an art festival in the evening, usually on the first Wednesday of April. You can find them online for the exact times and dates each year.

These are some of the most prominent art galleries in Southwest Florida, and having them all open in the evening together is a real treat. There is usually some live music performers, food tastings, and wine samplings along the route as well. They feature about 60 new and emerging artists that have begun to make a name for themselves.

The Naples Zoo

This is a beautiful tropical garden zoo that has been in operation for over 100 years. There are nearly 70 different animals, many of which are endangered or rare in the wild already. Be sure and catch the meat-eating deer that barks like a dog, it’s very rarely. And there is also the monkey island tour which can only be accessed by boat.

An excellent companion visit to round out the day is a trip to the Bird Gardens of Naples. These are mostly dozens of different types of colorful parrots that have grown up in captivity. They are cared for by the sanctuary, and some are offered for adoption too.

If you haven’t been to the Naples-Pine Ridge, Florida area yet you’ll be stunned by the beauty and tranquility. There is plenty to do, plus the beaches, lots of people head to the beautiful beaches and spend all day there until sunset.

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