Getting The Most Out Of Your Naples, Florida Dining Experience Near Royal Harbor

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The ‘Sunshine State’ – Florida is a favorite spot for both domestic and international tourists – as well as a location that property investors continue to find attractive. For investors in developments like Royal Harbor in Naples, Florida the attractions are just about the same as those who choose to vacation in the area – it’s that fabled Florida lifestyle.

It’s a lifestyle that shines due to the myriad of attractions in Florida. There is the unusual weather which makes outdoor pursuits so rewarding, and the fabulous beach focused entertainment options, fabulous nightlife, a friendly and laid back atmosphere and finally there is, of course, the available dining options. Foodies can enjoy excellent dining or family-friendly locations that serve anything from American favorites, fabulous seafood, internationally influenced dishes and treats such as the famous Cuban Sandwich and of course the world class, fresh seafood that Florida is famous for.

So if you are in the Naples area which are the restaurants that are best suited to starting an exploration of what makes Florida such a rewarding destination for those in search of a culinary perfect? Here are some great dining options.

1. The ‘Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro’

For something a little different to the usual Florida fare pay a visit to Bha! Bha!. This restaurant serves what could be described as ‘Persian Inspired’ cuisine. It remains a favorite with locals and visitors to Naples alike – and there is an excellent reason for its popularity. The dishes such as the ‘pomegranate lacquered salmon’ are layered with spicy Middle Eastern complexity, and the myriad of chicken and lamb dishes sing with flavor.

2. Café Alfredo.

The large Italian presence in Naples (as if the name does not give it away) influences the dining scene to a considerable degree. This restaurant pulsates with the lively energy that the authentic Italian dining scene is known for. Spend a warm evening on the patio indulging in dishes such as ‘clams casino’ or the ‘Cousin’s Pizza’ with the ever popular ‘spaghetti all chitarra’ also a recommended culinary route to take, and you will soon realize why this dining venue maintains its position as a Naples favorite.


3. TheRumba Cuban Café.

To say that Cuban inspired cuisine is big in Florida is to be accused of the understatement of the century – if you want to experience that wonderful fusion of the tastes of Africa, the Caribbean, and Spain, then this is the place to be. The Rumba Cuban Café delivers on the Cuban promise with flair. The extensive menu provides so much choice that it is difficult to select which dish to enjoy – ask a server for some recommendations and you will not go wrong. Of course the Cuban Sandwich scores highly – but try the ‘Paella Rumba’ for rich seafood flavors that will not disappoint. Compliment each with that obligatory Mojito.

4. Parmesan Pete’s.

For another tremendous Italian experience, a visit to Parmesan Pete’s cannot be more highly recommended. The chef provides pizza that is created according to family recipes that will not fail to please. Multi award-winning food including pasta dishes inspired by the rustic cuisine of Southern Italy provides that warm and fuzzy feeling that can only come from real, authentic Italian cuisine. The secret of the taste may lie in part due to the venue’s commitment just using authentic imported Italian Plum Tomatoes for the sauces – but the love that shines through on each plate may have even more to do with it.

If you are in the vicinity of Royal Harbor in Naples, set aside some time to explore the excellent cuisine on offer and you will soon realize why the Naples lifestyle is so attractive.