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Florida has long been the place where people from the United States and far abroad. Those people have flocked to enjoy a lifestyle that is the envy of most. There are reasons for that. Florida has wonderful weather. An average of 300 suns filled days means that it welcomes those in search of warmth. Add to that the attraction od silky white beach sands and fantastic nightlife, and it becomes clear why Florida has become not only the playground of America – but the playground of the world.

However – there is a pace in Florida that wear the crown jewels. A place where those who take their investment in lifestyle and enjoyment to the next level. That is Naples. It is a town that rewards achievers. The homes in that town exude elegance and beauty. The attractions of the city are myriad. There are fabulous dining opportunities. There are retail outlets that allow persons to explore anything from clothing to art.

For property investors, it is a wealth of opportunity in Naples that attracts them. Numerous developments have sprung up in the area, including condo developments. But none are so attractive as The Dunes real estate. This development has it all. Residents will become used to the salt air that the breeze brings from the Gulf of Mexico – but they will never tire of the spectacular sunsets that bathe the town in colors that could only come from an artists palette.

However – there is more to living in an apartment in The Dunes — there other ways to explore and enjoy the Florida lifestyle. The natural surroundings are the key to the enjoyment of that lifestyle.

Within easy reach are the Everglades, and the famed ‘Ten Thousand Islands’ residents of The Dunes have easy access to one of the greatest natural wonders on Earth. Flora and fauna of his magnificent part of the world are within easy access – and the ways to enjoy it is simple. There are numerous providers of kayaks and Canoes who can provide all the equipment that is required to explore this magnificent part of the world. There are also charter companies which offer cruises around the area. For those who want to throw a line – charter companies offer fishing opportunities galore. Those are perfect for families. The city is great for a family day out. It may only be for a morning or afternoon. The proximity to places like The Dunes is a recipe for wonder – and fun.

Of course, there is another option. One which residents and vacationers will explore. That is the beaches in the area. Naples has a wide variety to choose from. Some of them have been recognized as among the most beautiful in the world. There is simply something for everyone. The beaches around Naples have everything. From those that allow someone to enjoy the wonder of collecting shells to those who want a natural environment to explore dunes – there is a beach for everyone – including families. Picnic areas and amenities are available. This is a place that makes the heart sing.

But that is not all. For those who want to watch the sun go down with a cocktail in had – Naples is the place to be. The sheer enjoyment of being by the waters of the Gulf should not be underestimated. Add a cold drink to that experience – then you have wonder. That is the Florida lifestyle perfected.

A place at the Dunes is what makes it all happen. The scenery, the exclusivity, and the wonder of that Florida lifestyle all come alive.

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