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There are many clubs and resorts in Naples. The state of Florida is known for them, especially on the coast on either the east or west side. If you are going to move to the West Coast of Florida, Park Shore is a wonderful place to begin. Positioned very close to Naples Park, and the city of Naples itself, it offers you great views and fantastic housing. At this particular location, you will be right on the beach, either in a condominium or in one of the many different high-rises that will provide you with exceptional accommodations and community amenities. This overview of Park Shore will give you a few reasons to consider speaking with the realtor about moving into this private location.

What Is The Allure Of Park Shore?

The main allure is the outstanding views that you will have of the Gulf of Mexico. Access to the beach, and also a short drive to exceptional restaurants, shops, and entertainment that is just minutes away. It is the perfect destination for people that are retiring or families that are concerned about where their kids will grow up. Every parent wants their kids to have the best, and that’s precisely what Park Shore Naples Fl can provide. The nearby schools are exceptional, and there are many community activities that they can participate in. If you become a member of the Park Shore community, there are community amenities that are designed for people of all ages.

The Community Of Park Shore

When you visit the Park Shore area, you will be astounded with everything that you will have access to. There are great places to go swimming, boating, kayaking, and there are golf courses in many different locations. Membership may provide you with community events with other Park Shore owners. This may include golfing, and exclusive areas of the beach, all of which will be part of your membership. Being part of a community of people just like you is likely what you are searching for. It has something for everyone, regardless of your age, or why you are moving to the West Coast of Florida.

Why You Should Consider Speaking With A Realtor

By speaking with a local realtor, you will be able to set appointments so that you can meet with the managers of different Park Shore buildings and condominiums. They will give you a tour of some of their units, and talk to you about getting in. You will probably see listings for these available ones on the web. You can talk to the realtor about setting an appointment for those if you find them to be appealing. Your choice will be based on price, location, size, and also the membership amenities that you will get by becoming part of this community. The other benefit of working with a local realtor as they can tell you about membership programs that may not be advertised, specific to the Park Shore people. There inside information may provide you with the info that you need to make the right decision to move to this exclusive community.

Despite the many places that you can live in Naples that will have similar amenities, you really cannot beat this location. Proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, beaches, golf courses, and the excellent restaurants will be prime motivators for you to consider living here. Prices typically began around $1 million, and go up from there, especially if you have some of the top units on the buildings. If you need a condominium, or if you merely want to see what these units look like, speak with a local realtor that has been selling properties in Naples for years.

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