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When you see the many tall buildings adjacent to the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico in Naples, some of them are going to be owned and operated by Park Shore. These are close to Naples Park, a great life, giving you access to the city and the beach at the same time. The high-rises are exceptional, over 20 of which are designed for people that expect they have exceptional penthouses if that is what you are looking for, as well as condominiums that are much lower, not only in height but also in the price that you will pay. There are also many schools that are close by if you are going to live there with your family. Both adults and children will have activities that they can participate in. It’s a very nice place to live, and the following information will show you what schools are close by, along with entertainment and activity options that you may want to consider before moving to this elite location.

Schools That Are Nearby Park Shore

There are quite a few schools throughout Naples. In this particular area, you will have access to the Small World Early Learning Center, Naples Park Elementary School, and the Grace Community School. These are the ones that are very close by, and regardless of the ages of your children, you will have a few to choose from. You can also go outside of the area to the Village School of Naples, the Pine Ridge Middle School, or the Naples High School. All of these locations have exceptional educators, providing your children with proper education, along with activities that they can do at the school itself.

Activities For Adults And Children Near Park Shore

The many activities in Naples will be accessible to you. Being so close to the beach and the Gulf of Mexico means that many of them will be focused on the water. You can take trips up and down the coast on chartered yachts, or you could go deep out into the water for a deep-sea fishing trip. Kids can also learn about the natural environment. Instead of just learning about the coastal area, you can go inland to take tours of the waterways and learn about the trees. It is a unique area of Florida, close to the Everglades, helping you to have a good time and your children will also get this additional type of education. In regard to activities for adults, there are nightclubs and restaurants where you can see live entertainment. This is happening all the time in Naples because it is a very popular area for bands and musicians to play. These activities are constant, allowing you to pick and choose from all of the ones that are out there, helping you to schedule your weeks so that you have a great time every day.

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