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Barrington Club’s floor plans start with 1,521 square feet of living space and increase to 1,663 square feet. Two-bedroom and three-bedroom plans were available at the time of purchase.

The Most Notable Floor Plan Changes

Because Barrington Club condos were built in the 90s, the original floor plans still work for more residents as they were intended and few changes have been made. The most common changes owners have made are as follows:

  • Adding a closet to a den makes the space a real third bedroom compared to a two-bedroom plus den floor plan. Three-bedroom condos are more desirable than two-bedroom condos and often sell for more money. By MLS rules, agents are not permitted to market space as a bedroom if it does not have a closet. Adding a closet to a den can change the value of your property.
  • Some residents have changed their kitchens by removing the header housing and the wall space where the original recessed lights above the breakfast bar exist. Adding decorative pendant lights can enhance the aesthetic feel of the condo and also make the condo feel more open.
  • Enclosing lanai space to increase the size of the living area is also common, but this change does not always garner a welcome response from new buyers. Many buyers Shannon assists do not like them.
  • A few condo owners have been ambitious enough to open their kitchens as much as possible. While expensive, many buyers react extremely favorably to this improvement.

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