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Cannes Floor Plans In Pelican Bay

All Cannes floor plans are similar in size and start at 2,902 square feet of living space. Larger floor plans are due to the enclosure of the lanai space. Even though Cannes at Pelican Bay was built in 2005, Shannon is already seeing some evidence of owners making alterations to the floor plans in Cannes in the last few years. Here are a few:

  • Removing the wall between the kitchen and living area and adding an island in the kitchen create a lighter, pleasing aesthetic value to the villa and enhance the workable space. Buyers have responded extremely favorably to this improvement.
  • Enclosing the lanais to create more living space and shield from Pelican Bay Blvd. road noise from the neighboring parking lot (north-facing villas). While this has been a popular alteration, some of Shannon’s buyers have not reacted favorably to this change.
  • Redesigning the master bath to include an oversized shower and removal of the oversized tub and housing.
  • Some owners have removed the grill that was on the lanai.

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