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Bay Villas Floor Plans

According to MLS, the Bay Villas floor plans start with 1,545 square feet of living space and may go over 2,000 square feet, according to past sales data in the multiple listing service. I could not verify the bigger size with any legal documentation.

Notable Alterations To Floor Plans

Villas in Bay Villas were built in the early 80s and faced bigger renovation challenges compared to their newer counterparts. Here are a few of the changes villa owners have made:

  • Some villa owners have opted to open the kitchen, which the Bay Villa buyer prospect base has embraced. It makes it easier to entertain and for the chef to be part of the party, and it also brings more light into the villa.
  • Some owners have introduced outside kitchens, making grilling and entertaining easier.
  • Many owners have enclosed the area where the sinks are in the master bedroom and added walls to make it part of the bathroom.
  • Loft additions have also been noted.
  • Some people have removed the glass alcove from the kitchens.
  • Due to its smaller size, Villa owners have added wet bars to increase entertainment space away from the kitchen.

Contact Shannon for more floor plan change ideas about getting the most out of your resale or to see Bay Villas homes for sale.