Coquina Sands Forecast Season 2022-2023

Happy National Beach Day!

Rosewood Residences at Coquina Sands
Site of Rosewood Residences

To celebrate, I’m covering one of Naples’s original Gulfside communities, Coquina Sands. This popular beachside location has been through a massive transformation with new homes and condo offerings, including the new Four Seasons project, formally known as the Naples Beach and Golf Hotel, and Rosewood Residences, formally known as Mansion House. This marks the fifth edition of my 2022-2023 Naples real estate forecasts for all of my favorite Naples neighborhoods. Yesterday, I wrote my Collier’s Reserve Forecast. Today, I’ll explain the real estate market, where it might be headed, and what it means to you if you plan on buying or selling this year. Here’s my Coquina Sands Forecast for Season 2022-2023.

In This Post:

• The One Big Talking Point
• Current Coquina Sands Market Statistics
• Projected Inventory Levels
• Comparison of past inventory reports
• What to expect

The One Big Talking Point

Sunset at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club
Sunset at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club

Coquina Sands has two new beachfront condo projects with Rosewood Residences expected to launch sales late this year. Considering Coquina Sands was the first beachfront condo development in Naples, it makes sense this is where the teardown opportunities and new projects would build steam. It’s not the only beachside location in the middle of redefining what Naples is becoming. Stay tuned for my Vanderbilt Beach update coming soon. You must be away if you haven’t noticed the destruction at the Naples Beach Club and Golf Hotel this summer. Posts and comments far and wide hit local social media platforms as many shared a wide range of fun memories and sad farewells. This activity substantially pushes values in Coquina Sands, and inventories continue to hover at alarmingly low levels. We are amidst a great re-awakening in this area, which will likely piss off some of our more tenured group who are not as open to change as our newer, younger prospect base. As the construction, noise, and traffic increase, we can count on those with an unwillingness to conform to sell, but it won’t be as quick as some of you hope.

Current Coquina Sands Statistics

Current Inventory – 5
In my Inventory Report on June 21st, Coquina Sands had nearly three and half months of inventory, compared to just a month and a half of inventory reported last November. Today, there are just over two months of inventory.

Here are the details:

May Closings
2021 – 6
2022 – 4
June Closings
2021 – 9
2022 – 2
July – Closings
2021 – 4
2022 – 2
August Closings
2021 – 0
2022 – 4 (Projected)

There were 19 sales in Coquina Sands last May through August compared to 12 (projected) sales during the same time this year. There’s usually a handful or two offerings throughout the year. While it’s certainly busier during the season, we still see a fair amount of traffic during the summer months on normal years. August and September are traditionally Naples’s worst two real estate months. Back-to-school activities, afternoon showers, and the occasional severe weather threat can impact sales traffic.

The Coquina Sands market has seen enormous success since the announcement of the Four Seasons project getting approved by the City, and inventories have struggled ever since. Speculative purchases were definitely on the rise.

Projected Inventory Levels

Four listings in Coquina Sands have exited the market and haven’t returned yet. Even if all four hit the market today, that would only bring current levels up to less than four months of inventory. That isn’t enough to see prices decrease. It’s pretty safe to say you can expect price to continue to increase though it may not be at the same pace we’ve seen over the past two years.

What To Expect

Coquina Sands Forecast 2022-2023
Coquina Sands Forecast 2022-2023


Now is a terrific year if you’re ready to sell your Coquina Sands home or condo. Large chances are you’ll perform better than your neighbors did last year. I do see some indications this might be the year to do it, though. Market times are on the rise, and there is some resistance to the pricing on some of the properties already on the market. There may be two months of inventory in Coquina Sands, but that inventory is extremely diverse, so there isn’t too much of one type of property yet.

Now is the time to take care of things that can help you achieve your highest return. Call me if you do not have the time or manpower to accomplish those objectives. I have a proven vendor list who can take care of everything your property may need to position it at the highest price possible.


I read an article last night titled, “The U.S. Housing Market Is In A Recession.” National real estate headlines will disappoint several buyers in the Naples real estate market this year. I can assure you that the Coquina Sands market is still thriving. Coquina Sands condos are the hardest hit when it comes to demand. There’s currently only one available, and these tend to sell very quickly if they’re priced right. You’re going to have to buy with your heart this season.

  1. There are already overpriced listings in Coquina Sands. Watch these. These sellers typically come in four types. Those who will wait for their price forever, those who will reduce their price at the suggestion of their agent, and those who will drop the price a substantial amount just to get it off the books. Lastly, some owners will punt off the market due to exhaustion or disappointment. We may already be seeing some of this. These can be great opportunities. If you see a massive reduction, you will need to move fast as there are still too many eyeballs on this location, and you could compete. There’s a smarter way to go about it. Call me.
  2. There are three common inspections for condos and three for homes, but they are not the same. Call me to find out which ones you should use.

Some Coquina Sands inventory will hit the market this preseason which begins in October, but many sellers here run at their own pace and will list steadily throughout the season. Keep your eyes open for the second half of September through the first couple weeks in October and January 2023 for new inventory. You can also expect some residents to spend one last season “as it was” before listing, which should also bring some end-of-season inventory. You can expect that sometime around mid-April.

I hope you enjoyed my Coquina Sands Forecast For Season 2022-2023. Call me with your questions and objectives or shoot me a text or email.

Best Regards,
Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!

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