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The Avalon site plan includes the physical address of each building and where the unit is located in each location. You’ll want to pay close attention to photos on each listing if you’re planning on purchasing online to make sure you understand the quality of the view. Some units in Avalon have an encumbered view meaning some properties back up to a landscaped view. These units can be inherently dark so if the natural light is important to you, units offering landscaped views may not accomplish your view objective.

Another big factor regarding the value of Avalon units has to do with the location inside Avalon. For example, units that back up to Pelican Bay Boulevard, specifically 8310 Excalibur Circle may experience more road noise. Units that back up to the park, 8370, 8380 and 8390 Excalibur Circle may experience noise from a soccer game or the playground in the park.

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Avalon at Pelican Bay Site Plan

Avalon Site Plan