Floor Plans In Interlachen at Pelican Bay

Many residents in Interlachen have altered their floorplans throughout history. The most common floor plan change includes the process of enclosing the screened lanai with glass sliders to increase the climate-controlled square footage inside the unit. Most of the time, residents opt to take out the original glass sliders for better transition and airflow. Please make a special note, if you are interested in lanai spaces that have NOT been enclosed, please refer to property listing photos or ask Shannon to assist you.

The removal of unnecessary walls, especially around the kitchen has been a popular alteration across Pelican Bay since around 2011. Many people are also removing bulky tubs especially outdated “jet” style tubs and replacing them with sleeker stand-alone tubs or opting for walk-in showers depending on space. For villa residents, staircases have been altered to create a more aesthetic appeal and better traffic flow.

If you are planning to make big alterations to your Interlachen at Pelican Bay unit, you will need to submit architectural plans to the Pelican Bay Foundation and/or the Interlachen Association before commencing work.

For further information, or contact Shannon directly.

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