Those that are fortunate enough to live at Pelican Bay in Naples are well aware of the natural beauty that surrounds them. They will not only have access to the pristine golf courses but the incredible mangrove forest preserve that goes in all directions. Mangroves are not the only trees that are in this region. There are several other types of trees and wildlife that have no compare. When you live there, you literally can imagine that you are not on the coast of Florida, but on some tropical island that is the closest thing to paradise, you will ever find. This is what you should know about the natural surroundings near Pelican Bay homes for sale.

natural surroundings near Pelican Bay Naples

Natural Settings Within Pelican Bay

Although you can see most of this when you are playing golf, it is also available for those that are simply walking around. There is a beautiful lake, outstanding pine trees and tropical palms, and waterways that go for miles. You are also close to the incredible Gulf of Mexico. This is one of the primary reasons that people will pay top dollar to live in this community. The combination of the natural setting, golf courses, and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes this the ideal place for virtually anyone to live.

Natural Settings Outside Of Pelican Bay

There are uncountable parks and natural areas in this region of Florida. For example, you can go to the Corkscrew Swamp, the Bird Gardens of Naples, and the Gordon River Greenway. If you like parks, there are some that are directly adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico including the Pelican Bay Community Park and Clam Pass Park which are outstanding places to visit. The combination of parks and natural settings adjacent to the water, and those that are within the local forests will give you so much to choose from. It is this pristine beauty that often attracts people initially, subsequently leading them to living with this community.

Reasons That People Choose To Live In Pelican Bay

Some of the primary reasons for living within this community include the golf courses, costly homes, and the excellent positioning of this golfing community within a natural setting. It combines the best of architecture, with the iconic natural surroundings, making this a top choice for many people trying to find a place to live within a golfing community in Naples. If you are a nature lover, or if you like to go birding, you can do all of that and more. However, if playing golf is your main ambition in life, you will be introduced to all of the natural wonders of this area, with each golf course offering something unique and new.

Is This Area Far From The Main City?

For some people, this might be a little too remote for their liking. However, there is nothing that’s more than 30 minutes away. Some people like the city more than they do the natural environment, but you can have both of these if you get a condo or home in the Pelican Bay community. It is designed to attract a wide range of different people. For example, retirees can play golf in the morning and then go for walks in the evening and observe all of the beautiful natural surroundings. You can also enjoy sunset since you are right on the Gulf of Mexico, giving you a beautiful view of the setting sun.

pelican bay villas

These are just a view of the many things that you can do when you are at Pelican Bay. If you do not live there, you might want to consider speaking with a realtor that may show you condos and homes that are currently being sold. If this combination of beautiful architecture and the natural surroundings in this area of North Naples sounds appealing to you, this will probably be one of the best investments that you ever make. The combination of the natural surroundings around Pelican Bay, and within the community itself, should make this a top choice for anyone. Shopping centers and other dining options are also outstanding in this community.

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