If you have a small family, and you would like to move into the Pelican Bay gated community, you will be moving them into one of the nicest areas of Naples. It is this community which is known for the Arthur Hills golf courses which attract so many people. However, you might be more concerned about the local schools and the activities that you can do throughout this region of West Naples. It is essential to have social activities that you can do, whether you are retired or if you are raising a family. These activities should also include those that are designed for your children. Here is how you can find out more about nearby schools and local activities that will be beneficial for your family.

Where Exactly Is Pelican Bay Located In Naples?

Pelican Bay homes for sale is located in North Naples. It is conveniently positioned very close to the Gulf of Mexico. If you are considering purchasing a home there, you will want to get one that is the perfect size for your family. The prices on these homes can range from a couple million to nearly $20 million. Additionally, if that is not within your price range, large condominiums can be accessed for $1 million or less. It just depends on how much money you have to work with, and the size of the condo or home that you would like to purchase. Regardless of all of this, if your family is coming with you, you need to find out about the local schools.

Local Schools Near Pelican Bay

If you are like most families that have multiple children, they will likely be at different grade levels. You may have a small child that is getting ready to go to kindergarten and a couple of others that will be in elementary school and middle school. In North Naples, there is the Naples Park Elementary School, a great place to send your children to learn in this loving environment. There is also the Little People’s School which is designed for younger children. To the north of these is the North Naples Middle School. There is also a nearby high school which will be perfect for older kids. All of this is within a driving distance of just a few minutes. Now that you know where the schools are, you might wonder about the local activities that you can participate in.

Activities For Adults And Children Near Pelican Bay

naples zooMany of the activities that you can participate in our going to be outdoors. That is because of the outstanding whether that is perpetually there. For example, your kids will love going to the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. While they are there, they can watch alligators being fed and also see very active monkeys. There are parks that they can go to such as Lovers Key State Park, and there is also a museum and music arts complex. This will allow them to benefit from the industries that can teach them not only about the current local area, but the history of this community. Adults could also enjoy the outstanding shopping centers available in Pelican Bay.

What If You Do Not Have A Home There Yet?

If you don’t have a home there, then you should consider talking with a realtor. They will have all of the available Pelican Bay Naples homes on the market listed. Whether they are the listing agent, or if they are merely showing you what is available on the MLS listings, this will give you a general idea of which of the 4000 homes and condos in Pelican Bay are currently available. In some cases, you may get lucky and find a home that is heavily discounted. You may also find very affordable condominiums. The key is to get a place as soon as you can because this is a region of Naples where the properties are highly coveted and go very quickly.

This brief overview of the Pelican Bay schools and local activities should motivate you to consider moving your family to this area. You might be more interested in playing golf every week, but you also have to think of your kids and the type of school that they will be able to attend. Some of the activities in the area are specifically designed for children, but there are a large number of them that are focused on adults. This will allow you to have a social life and let your children develop both socially and intellectually, with all of the available activities designed for kids.

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