Bay Colony Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other Naples communities are like Bay Colony?

A: Bay Colony is unlike any other Naples beachfront community. There are high-rises, villas and single-family homes and all amenities are readily accessible within a short distance except for a golf club. Many residents belong to the Bay Colony Golf Club which is located across Tamiami Trail in the Pelican Marsh development in Bay Colony Estates. Other members choose to be members of the Pelican Bay Golf Club located within Pelican Bay.

Single-family home alternatives: If you want a beach club amenity you might consider Port Royal who also offers an in-location beach club. If you don’t mind a 20-40 minute drive to the beach, you might consider Mediterra as an option.

Condo alternatives: Many buyers consider Park Shore as an alternative although there is no food/beverage/chair/umbrella services available at the Park Shore beach club. Some residents consider Moraya Bay with beachside amenities within the building or Sancerre with full concierge services. Lower-end buyers may consider The Dunes with beach club availability depending on unit or the 100 building in Kalea Bay.

Villa alternatives: There are no beachfront villas in Bay Colony. Those who require beachfront views or access may consider Villa Mare or Casa Mar in Park Shore.

Q: Why aren’t there open houses in Bay Colony?

A: It’s against the Bay Colony policy to preserve the tranquility and security of the neighborhood.

Q: Why are prices so high in Bay Colony?

A: Because there is a limited amount of product available and absence of comparable neighborhoods in Collier’ County, values in Bay Colony will likely remain high. The Bay Colony owners associations do a great job maintaining the properties and provide an exceptional aesthetic value.

Q: Why are fees so high in Bay Colony Bay?

A: Colony residents belong to both the Bay Colony association and Pelican Bay association and have rights to everything except golf which can be purchased separately. In buildings with low density like Marquesa and Windsor, expect higher fees. In buildings with higher density like Trieste, expect more reasonable fees. Home owners pay for both Pelican Bay and Bay Colony associations but insurance and home maintenance are paid out of pocket opposed to being assessed for them.

Q: Is Bay Colony pet friendly?

A:The most pet friendly Bay Colony communities are Strand at Bay Colony, Bay Colony Shores, Estates at Bay Colony and both Bay Colony villa locations. Condo buildings have stricter policies. Please see each Bay Colony page for detailed information.

Q: What are the rental policies in Bay Colony?

A: Rental policies in Bay Colony are considered strict. Please see each community page for policies. Windsor does not allow rentals.

Q: Is Bay Colony a good investment?

A: Bay Colony is an excellent investment provided you know what you’re buying. If you are unfamiliar with values in Bay Colony it is important to talk with somebody exceptionally familiar with the neighborhood. I can tell you everything you could want to know.

Q: Am I going to fit in with other Bay Colony residents?

A: Many have asked me or even assumed Bay Colony might be a little too high-brow for their comfort. Bay Colony residents do not keep up with the Joneses. While you may bump into an occasional person who wants to tell you more about themselves than you may care to know or want to know more about you than you’re willing to share, the overwhelming majority are laid back and easy going. Coming from the mid-west, east coast and even a few from abroad you will find they are just genuinely happy about life and loving their friends and family.

Alternatively, if you are looking for an ultra high-brow community, you might consider Port Royal or Palm Beach.

Q: Am I too young for Bay Colony?

A: You’ll find residents in their 40’s up to their 90’s but the majority of the group is in their 50’-60’s and 70’s.

Q: Do I need a Bay Colony specialist to buy in Bay Colony?

A: Expertise in Bay Colony will serve you well. While you are not required to purchase with a known Bay Colony real estate agent, you will gain an enormous amount of information from those who frequent the community often. Much goes on behind the scenes whether it’s potential construction projects, assessments, lifestyle situations, possible deals and even accessibility. The Bay Colony real estate group is a very small team and it can help you immensely during selections and negotiations. I have sold several Bay Colony properties and have a great core group of residents, tradesmen and agent alleys to assist me in giving you the greatest experience.